Industry Responds to COVID-19


New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC)

The NYSCC is proud to have donated more than 8,000 bottles of FDA approved hand sanitizers to frontline workers in New York and New Jersey Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Care Centers as well as Veteran and Nursing homes.  In addition, customized COVID survival kits that include masks, handle protectors, hand sanitizers and more will be distributed to several of the NYSCC sister chapters and select members.


The L’Oréal board of directors will cancel an increase of its dividend, year-over-year. In addition, Jean-Paul Agon, the company’s chairman and CEO, will have his remuneration decreased by 30% for the whole of 2020. The resolutions will be submitted during the company’s June 30 annual general meeting, which will be conducted behind closed doors. The meeting was previously delayed due to COVID-19.

L’Oréal has also decided to create a new social and environmental solidarity program under the name of “L’Oréal for the future.” The program will create a philanthropic endowment fund of €50 million to support non-profit organizations that help women “in highly vulnerable situations.”

The company will also create an impact investing fund of €100 million for the regeneration of damaged natural ecosystems and for combating climate change.

Albéa & L’Occitane Group

Albéa has partnered with L’Occitane Group to so far deliver 1 million care products to health care workers in China, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Europe and the U.S. since February. The companies are co-manufacturing liquid soap and hydroalcoholic gel.

Erpro 3D Factory (Partner with Albéa)

Erpro 3D Factory is fully mobilized to produce masks, protective glasses, visors and other medical devices such as ventilator valves and caps due to 3D printing. All Erpro 3D Factory’s 3D printers are currently running 24 hours a day to manufacture these parts and has partnered with France’s Scientific Research Institute (CNRS) to fight the pandemic. These items are also being distributed to health care workers in France, Italy, Spain and Africa.


LINDAL has transformed some manufacturing equipment at its French production site to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face shields to donate to key local workers in partnership with Agence Regionale de Santé (ARS). Approximately 1,000 face shields are produced daily and were initially created using 3D printing, but now use injection molding and recycled plastics.

Symrise & Revlon

Revlon and Symrise have partnered to produce and distribute 6 tons of FDA-compliant hand sanitizer to donate to local hospitals to support the COVID-19 response. Both companies are working with local governments to support those most in need near Revlon’s Oxford, NC facility as well as Symrise’s Teterboro, NJ facility. Products have been distributed to hospitals, frontline county workers, police and fire departments, and EMS personnel through North Carolina’s Healthcare Preparedness Coalition and The Chief Officer Of Bergen County’s Executive Branch.


Unilever established “United for America” and is partnering with frontline COVID-19 relief organizations such as Feeding America and Direct Relief to provide critical support to Americans. United for America delivers food, medical supplies, hygiene products, and other critical items to organizations supporting those most impacted by this crisis. United for America’s first annual Day of Service is on May 21st. See more at

Samurai 2k Aerosol 

Aerosol coating specialist Samurai 2K Aerosol Limited on May 7 said its executives have taken a voluntary reduction of up to 50% of pay as part of cost-control measures amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. For three months starting in May, its executive directors will take 50% voluntary pay cut for three months, while non-executive directors and independent directors will take a voluntary reduction of 30%. Its executive officer and managers will also take a voluntary reduction of 30% in salary. Additionally, any employee who is absent from work will be considered as taking no-pay leave. All these measures are subjected to an extension, if necessary, the company said.


Toly has banded together with other Maltese companies (Trelleborg, Mattermake and Evolve) to manufacture a mechanical breathing device in a matter of days to support local health authorities during the Covid-19 crisis. This device is meant to be used as a last resort should hospitals face a shortage of ventilators. The unit uses a combination of off-the shelf components and 3D printing. The first prototype was presented to Maltese authorities for testing and validation. These units could also be offered to neighboring countries. See more at:

Recycle Aerosol

See what Aerosol Recycle is doing to recycle denatured alcohol and ethanol from aerosol products to help ease shortages in hand sanitizer production. Click Here

La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay has created its first no-rinse hand sanitizer, Hand Purifying Gel. The company will distribute 1 million gels in a 200mL size to medical facilities around the world, as well as 5 million 75mL and 100mL tubes of the gel to partner pharmacies globally. The gel’s ethanol level meets the World Health Organization’s recommendations, the brand says, and the fragrance-free formula also includes glycerin to prevent skin drying. In late March, parent company L’Oréal announced it would be using its facilities to manufacture hand sanitizer, and in addition to donating 1 million euros to organizations on the front lines and $720,000 to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation.

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies

Honeywell has temporarily shifted manufacturing operations at two chemical manufacturing facilities in Muskegon, MI, and Seelze, Germany to produce and donate hand sanitizer to government agencies in response to shortages created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both sites are part of Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) business group. Other recent Honeywell PMT responses include:

  • Remote operations capabilities to support maintenance of critical operations and keep workers safe 
  • Supporting R&D and production of COVID-19 test kits, therapies and vaccines
  • Expedited support services to pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical customers

Orly International

In light of the global pandemic COVID-19 and the shortage of hand sanitizer, Orly International has reconfigured its Los Angeles-based nail polish factory operations to produce 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The first batch of 10,000 units will be donated to the City of Los Angeles with a special emphasis on serving the city’s at-risk homeless population.

GOJO Industries and Lubrizol

GOJO and Lubrizol are joining forces to donate more than 16,000 liters of Purell hand sanitizer to local hospitals in Northeast Ohio. The companies have worked with the CEOs of each hospital system in Cuyahoga, Summit and Wayne Counties to provide a one-liter bottle of hand sanitizer for every patient room in the months of April and May. Both GOJO and Lubrizol ramped up production of hand sanitizer in December to support global needs and have worked together to prioritize product getting to hospitals, first responders and critical infrastructure.

E.T. Browne Drug Co.

E.T. Browne Drug Co.’s East Stroudsburg, PA-based Hayward Laboratories manufacturing facility has begun production of medical-grade hand sanitizer to address widespread supply shortages in the wake of COVID-19. Initial production of the disinfectant sanitizer will be supplied to local medical first responders and U.S. Military personnel in Monroe County, PA and Bergen County, NJ. E.T. Browne was able to secure isopropyl alcohol supply for the sanitizer from ExxonMobil.


Following an announcement in late March that it is expanding its capacity for N95 respirators to about 1.1 billion/yr (100 million/mo), 3M is partnering with Cummins to expand production of filters for powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs), which transport filtered air into a hood or head covering to offer respiratory protection in health care settings. The filters will be made at Cummins’ production plant in Neillsville, WI and will double 3M’s PAPR production capacity. The plant normally makes diesel engine filters. Finished products will be sent to a 3M PAPR facility in Valley, NE.

Estée Lauder Cos.

In response to the impact of COVID-19 around the world, The Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. (ELC), has ramped up sanitizer production for first responders worldwide. Also ELC, its brands, and its corporate foundation, The Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation (ELCCF), have provided the following donations:

  • $2 million grant was awarded to Doctors Without Borders
  • Grant to establish the NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund
  • $800,000 to relief efforts in China
  • $1.4 million to support local, front-line relief and response efforts to regions and countries around the world (e.g. Community Chest of Korea, the British Red Cross, Age UK and the Spanish Red Cross)
  • $9.5 million in renewal grants to provide current grantee partners with flexible funding in this time of need
  • Partnership with BeautyUnited
  • 2 million surgical masks for those on the front lines in New York
  • $10 million from M∙A∙C Cosmetics’ VIVA GLAM Fund to 250 local organizations worldwide providing essentials needs and services to people at higher risk during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 50,000 Clinique skin care products to thank doctors and nurses in New York City’s hospitals
  • 123,000 bottles of Aveda shampoo, lotion and other products to organizations and nonprofits helping those on the front lines

Unilever ANZ

Unilever ANZ donated more than $2 million worth of essential food, home and personal care products to Foodbank, which includes a $1 million donation of Unilever’s Lifebuoy aerosol sanitizer brand, which was reintroduced to Australia. The company will redirect existing deodorant production facilities to help meet national demand for the cleaning product. The new 150 mL aerosol hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.99% of germs without water. It will be manufactured in New South Wales.


To address growing demand of masks during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, Honeywell has continued to ramp up production to make millions of N95 masks in the U.S., expanding operations in Smithfield, RI, where UVEX safety glasses are also made. The N95 face masks will be delivered to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for use to support health, safety and emergency response workers. Honeywell has also increased production of the masks around the world.

Aptar Beauty + Home

In addition to helping mobilize manufacturers around the world to create hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial products for health workers, Aptar Beauty + Home has donated:

  • 3D printed face shields and ear guards for local hospitals and fire departments in Illinois
  • 20 kits of coveralls and gloves to local firemen and nurses from Aptar Charleval
    100 coveralls to a local aged care facility, and masks and coveralls to Dreux Hospital by Aptar Verneuil
  • 80 protective glasses to local police services, and some 300 protective gowns and 50 protective glasses to local hospitals by Aptar Oyonnax
  • 2,360 FFP2 masks and 150 liters of hydroalcoholic gel to regional authorities by Aptar Poincy
  • €12,050 for the local hospital from Aptar Italia
  • money to the Hospital General de Vic from Aptar’s Torello site in Spain


The Midwest Aerosol Association (MAA) Board of Directors made a $10,000 donation to the Northern Illinois Food Bank to assist in the response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A special thank you to Tim Corcoran, Board Member, for identifying the need of this great organization and bringing it before the board,” stated MAA President Ryan Montgomery.


Albéa has ramped up its efforts to supply packaging for hygiene products. Albéa’s is working alongside customers such as L’Oréal, LVMH, GSK, P&G, Sanofi, Unilever, Bayer, Chemineau, Faberlic, Crystal Cosmetics and many others, as they adapt their production lines to provide essential goods and daily hygiene products.

Albéa and IWK have also partnered to provide effective tube solutions for hand sanitizer and hygiene products necessary to fight the epidemic of COVID-19. In Europe, the Vandières and Argonne (France) and Lubna (Poland) facilities are producing millions of tubes for hydro-alcoholic gel while the Lacrost plant (France) is manufacturing lotion pumps for hand sanitizers.


Ashland recently converted partial capacity at its Calvert City, KY plant to manufacture and package 16,500 gallons of hand sanitizer. They were shipped to Ashland production facilities nationwide and donated to many hospitals, first responders, health care facilities in the communities where Ashland employees live and work. See more at:


As part of BASF’s “Helping Hands” campaign, worth about €100 million to the fight the corona virus pandemic, BASF donated 100 million protective masks to the Federal Republic of Germany in mid-April. The company will soon donate 1 million masks to the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, near BASF’s largest production site.

BASF has also created new hand sanitizer capacities at its Ludwigshafen, Düsseldorf and Münster-Hiltrup sites. Around 150,000 liters have already been distributed for free to hospitals and other health care facilities (doctors, nursing homes) in Germany. BASF has also started producing hand sanitizer at plants in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey and the U.S.


The B’laster Corp. has donated cases of hand sanitizer to dozens of local police and fire departments in Cleveland, OH. The company recently began sourcing and producing hand sanitizer in Valley View, OH in response to requests from its essential hardware retail customers and decided to manufacture additional sanitizer for donation. In total, the company will produce more than 22,000 bottles of sanitizer specifically earmarked for donation in Northeastern Ohio.


Clariant has begun monthly production of 2 million liters of disinfectant in Gendorf, Germany to support vital institutions during COVID-19 outbreak. This will help meet the State of Bavaria’s aims to provide a total of 10 million liters over the next three months to regional hospitals and other vital institutions. The disinfectants’ renewable ethanol ingredient is supplied by CropEnergies.

COTY North America

Andrew Stanleick, President of Coty North America, publicly praised the company’s team members who rapidly converted Coty’s North America factories to manufacture hand sanitizer. The company is donating these to hospitals, emergency service first-responders and pharmacy staff on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

Formulated Solutions

In support of those who bravely serve as the first lines of defense against COVID-19, Formulated Solutions has ramped up production of critical sanitizers and critical care disinfection products to ensure those who serve the community have the essential tools needed to protect themselves and care for others. The company said this will not interrupt its supply of products to customers.


Gerresheimer’s plants in Kosamba, India, are supplying 500 food packages to employees and migrant workers affected by the travel ban due to border closures in the wake of COVID-19. Gerresheimer’s base in Kosamba is one of the largest employers in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Hydrite Chemical Co is donating its HYDRI-SAN 3C Hand Sanitizer hand sanitizer to support hospitals, health care workers and facilities, and food banks in local communities as they respond to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) global pandemic. HYDRI-SAN 3C Hand Sanitizer is specially formulated according to the World Health Organization’s and U.S. FDA’s guidelines issued during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

P&G Canada

P&G Canada and its brands have made donations totaling over $2.5 million in hygiene products, hand sanitizers, face masks and financial support to healthcare workers and Canadians impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The company is also producing non-surgical-grade barrier masks at its Belleville site and hand sanitizer at its Brockville. Here are some other P&G Canada donations:

  • With GlobalMedic: 33,000 hygiene kits to local shelters and food banks
  • Pampers through United Way: 30,000 diapers
  • Tide: product through Food Banks Canada
  • With GlobalMedic: personal care items to hospitals for health care workers across Canada
  • Charmin: $500,000 donation to the CanadaHelps COVID-19 Healthcare & Hospital Fund
  • Tide: $500,000 donation in cash and in-kind to Food Banks Canada
    Pantene: $100,000 donation to Food Banks Canada
  • P&G Gives Back: $50,000 donation to the United Way COVID-19 Local Love Fund

See more at

Pfizer Foundation

The Pfizer Foundation has committed to giving $40 million in medical and charitable cash grants to help combat the global health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and worldwide. In the U.S., emergency relief funds will be provided to government public health organizations as well as non-profit community health organizations in states with high COVID-19 disease rates. Grant funding will also be provided to charitable community health clinics. Outside the U.S., grant funding will be provided to international non-governmental organizations and partners that support direct COVID-19 relief and longer-term health systems strengthening. So far, more than $1 million in grants were given to Direct Relief, Project HOPE and International Medical Corps.

Pfizer has also created a new Global COVID-19 Medical Service Program that empowers medical colleagues to provide diagnostic, treatment and public health support in the battle against COVID-19. Licensed medical professionals who work for Pfizer will continue to receive their full pay, benefits and be able to return to their positions upon completion of service.


Quadpack has teamed up with local charity networks, partners and industry colleagues to manufacture and provide protective equipment and supplies (protective visors, masks, gloves and hand sanitizer gel) for international COVID-19 relief efforts. The company has also ramped up production of the following:

  • Quadpack Plastics, Catalonia, Spain, has adapted a mold to manufacture more than 100,000 pieces for face shields
  • Quadpack in Leek, UK, is printing face shields and connecting pieces for ventilators using its Stratasys J850 3D printer
  • Quadpack’s offices in China and South Korea are working with Asian partners to donate protective equipment and source hand sanitizer packaging for Europe and the U.S.