Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Data Now Available on ACI Website

Written on: February 4, 2014 by Don Farrell

ACI launched its Ingredient Inventory in 2012 with a list of more than 900 chemical ingredients used by ACI members to manufacture consumer cleaning products, including laundry care products (e.g., laundry detergents, fabric softeners), dish care products (automatic dish detergents, hand dish detergents) and hard surface cleaners.

“In the second phase of this project, we identify publicly available hazard data for each chemical ingredient used in our members’ formulated consumer cleaning products in our Hazard Data Portal,” said Dr. Paul DeLeo, ACI Senior Director of Environmental Safety.

“This initiative represents the cleaning product industry’s continued commitment to transparency and further showcases the responsible management of cleaning products and their ingredients.”

ACI developed the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI) as one of its many efforts to shed light on the safe use of ingredients in their members’ products, including the underlying scientific data and the methods in which these data are applied in making decisions.

“One of the biggest falsehoods in public discussions about chemicals in commerce is that there is little-to-no information available about the ingredients in consumer products,” said Dr. DeLeo. “All of the data gathered for the ingredients in our Inventory is publicly available. We’ve created a portal to make it accessible in one place.”

The Hazard Data Portal can be accessed at Just click on “Hazard Data Portal.”

“In this first iteration of our Hazard Data Portal, we found that sufficient information was available for decision-making and risk assessment for 80 percent of ingredients in the cleaning products of ACI members,” said DeLeo.


“Substances found to lack primary hazard data during this effort are often considered safe under other assessments or regulations; this includes food materials and food additives.


“Simply put, the development of the Hazard Data Portal has provided us a robust database for screening-level risk assessment of cleaning product ingredients.”


The data available on the ACI website will be most useful to regulators, researchers, and cleaning product industry formulators and suppliers looking for detailed information on ingredients used in consumer cleaning products.


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