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Industry Sites

AAA Aerosol Association of Australia
MAA Midwest Aerosol Association
SATA The Southern Aerosol Technical Association
WAIB The Western Aerosol Information Bureau
EAA Eastern Aerosol Association
NAA National Aerosol Association
ACA The American Coatings Association
CSPA Consumer Specialty Products Association
CAPCO The Consumer Aerosol Products Council
The Fragrance Foundation New York based source of information on the fragrance industry
PCPC Personal Care Products Council
SCC The Society of Cosmetic Chemists
ACE The Alliance for Consumer Education
Inhalant Abuse Prevention Administered by ACE
PAIN People Against Inhalants Network
FEA European Aerosol Federation
AAF Asian Aerosol Federation
ABAS Brazilian Aerosol Association
AEDA Spanish Aerosol Association
AEROBAL The European Association of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers
AIA Italian Aerosol Association
AMA The Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa
APC Aerosol Promotion Council of India
ASA Swiss Aerosol Association
ASAD Turkey Aerosol Association
BAMA The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association
Belgium Aerosol Association
CADEA Le Camara Argentina del Aerosol
CAS Czech Aerosol Association
CCSPA The Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association
CFA French Aerosol Association
China Packaging Federation
HAA Hellenic Aerosol Association (Greece)
IGA German Aerosol Industry
IMAAC Mexican Aerosol Institute
NAV Netherlands Aerosol Association
TAA Thai Aerosol Association
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