Coster Group released its 2022 Sustainability Report 2022, which follows the path of transparency and stakeholder engagement undertaken in 2017. Guided by its purpose, the company noted that it continued to pursue its goals in 2022 as well to strengthen itself in social, environmental and governance areas.

Coster adopted precise, measurable and reproducible key performance indicators (KPIs) to issue the document in compliance with the 2022 consolidate version of GRI Standards and followed the Core option.

Collaboration with suppliers, partners, and customers once again has been crucial in the company’s path of continued growth, the firm said.

The innovation and sustainability departments worked to design sustainable yet efficient solutions. In 2022, Coster obtained new certifications related to: quality management, chain of custody in terms of a mass balance approach, environmental management systems, and good manufacturing practices. The Group’s commitment to climate change continued to be consistent with several actions:

• The 83% of energy purchased in 2022 at corporate level came from renewable sources
• CO2 emissions have reduced by 80% from 2018 to 2022 (Scopes 1 and 2 market-based)
• Waste generation has decreased by 4% and waste disposal to landfill has reduced by 3% compared to
• 2,54 GWh of energy consumption has been saved thanks to the implementation of 25 energy
efficiency initiatives

Supported by the new sustainability roadmap, Coster achieved some important results in 2022, as evidenced by the Platinum Medal awarded by EcoVadis, the membership in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the many awarded innovations.

From an ethical and social point of view, 2022 was the year of the launch of CosterCares, the program that takes care of Coster employees and local communities by leveraging cultural, educational and economic measures.

The three macro areas on which the entire program is built are:
• Employee welfare, development and retention
• Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion
• Partnerships with local communities

Additionally, the program offers Coster Academy, volunteering and family days, well-being seminars and vocational guidance for employees’ children.

Among Coster’s strategies is also the sustainable procurement program, part of which the “Joining Forces
with Suppliers” initiative was launched in 2022 to promote collaboration and growth on corporate social
responsibility issues.

“The sustainability report is a very powerful tool to share the commitment to a solid present and a better future,” stated Andrea Raineri, Coster Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer.

” We are a medium-sized company but our effort to ensure a safe, healthy and socially livable environment is really great,” Raineri continued.

“We can be satisfied with the results achieved and will continue to pursue our goals with dedication.”

In its roadmap for 2023-2030, the Group is committed to realize the main targets set in the corporate strategy, such as: zero waste to landfill, 100% green energy, carbon neutrality (Scopes 1-2), the deployment of the sustainable product development strategy and the full accomplishment of the CosterCares and sustainable procurement programs.

PRECISION, Greenville, SC, a global manufacturer of aerosol valves, has unveiled  its new website. Redesigned to cater to the needs of aerosol professionals, the updated site offers an intuitive interface, said the company, allowing users to directly explore PRECISION’s products.

Highlighted on the site are disruptive solutions such as the SMART 35, a lightweight all-in-one actuator, and STYLISH 52, a solution powered by STORM technology. These products underscore PRECISION’s commitment to merging savings with sustainability, said the company.

“Our renowned motto, ‘It all starts with you,’ is vividly embodied in our redesigned website, emphasizing user-centric design and spotlighting industry-shaping innovations,” states Olivia Schmidt, Group CCO & VP Sales & Marketing.

The site also introduces a 3D configurator, enabling professionals to easily visualize their projects and craft new concepts in seconds.

PRECISION invites all executives, managers, brand heads, buyers, and packaging development professionals to embark on an exploration of the enhanced site and to be a driving force in the “sustainability and savings” evolution.

Explore the new website at

Pacific Bridge Packaging, Los Angeles, CA, a North American aerosol procurement company, is pleased to announce the hiring of Dennis Smith as VP of Sales. Smith brings to Pacific Bridge Packaging over 40 years of experience in the aerosol industry. 


“Our singular goal is to create solutions to supply chain challenges for our customers,” said Smith.  

“I have joined a team that has over a decade of experience in shipping and managing aluminum and tinplate cans,” he added.

Smith has spoken at numerous national and regional associations on subjects including aerosol packaging, Aerosol 101, valve and can technology, recycling, aerosol history and education. Smith is the current President of the Eastern Aerosol Association (EAA).

For more information about Pacific Bridge Packaging, Smith can be reached at (845) 475-2776. 

Diversified CPC International, a manufacturer and distributor of propellants, refrigerants and specialty gas products, has welcomed Erik Tian as VP of Finance. In this new position, he will provide leadership and assist in managing the areas of accounting, finance and information technology.


Tian has more than 16 years of accounting and finance experience. Previously, he worked at Wynright Daifuku, a provider of material handling systems, where he was the director of finance and accounting for nine years. Prior to that, he was an accounting manager for Nanosphere, a medical device company, and previously he spent five years at Caterpillar in a variety of roles, including profit center and SOX accountant.

Welcoming Tian to the Diversified CPC leadership team, President & COO David Burks shared, “He offers keen analytical skills and a background steeped in finance and accounting within the manufacturing sector.”

Tian earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Purdue University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Northern Illinois University.

According to a report in The New York Times, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a ban on hair-straightening products that contain or emit formaldehyde. Chemical hair straighteners have been linked to an increased risk of endometrial, uterine and breast cancer. 

The FDA’s proposed rule would ban formaldehyde and other formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from hair-straightening and hair-smoothing products marketed in the U.S., per the Times‘  report. The target date for the ban is April 2024.

The planned ban comes more than a decade after cosmetic industry experts declared the products unsafe.

Tata Steel Europe has joined the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative. Spearheaded by Alupro, the national program aims to increase awareness and education to drive an increase in aerosol recycling rates.

Steel aerosols are easily captured for recycling through existing UK recycling programs—curbside, magnetic extraction, and even after waste incineration. They make a valuable contribution to UK steel recycling rates, but consumers’ appreciation of their recycling credentials is low compared to other household metal containers such as food cans, according to a statement from the program, said Tata Steel.

“There is a definite gap in consumers’ knowledge of the recycling potential of metal aerosol cans. Separating them for recycling at home is not yet as instinctive as it is for most other forms of packaging,” explained Nicola Jones, Manager for Steel Packaging Recycling at Tata Steel UK.

“Tata Steel is joining the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative to help narrow that knowledge gap and help increase metal recycling rates still further,” Jones added.

Launched by Alupro in Fall 2022, the campaign’s key priorities are closely aligned to Tata Steel’s own recycling education activities which include encouraging and measuring recycling performance, ensuring consistency of public messaging around metal packaging recycling, and driving targeted consumer education of good home recycling practice.

Other members of the UK Aerosols Recycling Initiative include British Aerosols Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) and steel packaging manufacturer Trivium Packaging. The project also aims to encourage metal aerosol recyclability and viability in a post-extended producer responsibility (EPR) and deposit return scheme landscape.

Tata Steel is seeing greater interest in steel for aerosols, the company shared in a statement. Historically, steel aerosol cans are welded; now though, Tata Steel’s steel grades and can-making knowledge have made a non-welded aerosol can possible in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tata Steel is also seeing considerable new interest in shaped aerosols which offer enhanced consumer appeal.

“Our contribution to a non-welded offer, interest in steel products which offer greater shaping opportunities, plus steel’s exemplary recycling credentials, make now the perfect time to join this recycling initiative,” shared Jones in a statement.

“Our end goal is to maximize steel collection and recycling, and the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative will make a significant contribution to this.”

For more information about the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative, click HERE





TUBEX Holding GmbH has named Cornelius Grupp as the company’s new CEO. He is taking over from his father, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, who will assume the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Grupp has been part of TUBEX Group’s management since 2018, when he took charge of the American subsidiary C-Care in Baltimore, MD. In 2022, he played a pivotal role in establishing TUBEX’s contract manufacturing division in collaboration with German subsidiary CTA. As CEO of the TUBEX Group, he will continue to oversee this division, said the company.

The transition will keep the company under the leadership of the founding family, who started the business more than 75 years ago. 

LINDAL Group has invested in new bag-on-valve (BOV) manufacturing lines in Europe and North America, increasing capacity to meet a growing global customer demand, said the company. BOV production capabilities have been installed at the LINDAL facilities in Briey, France, and Columbus, Indiana.

“Our increased capacity provides customers with even greater flexibility on lead times,” said Rick Fowich, LINDAL North America Sales Director.

“This allows them to respond positively to their own customers whose ability to be flexible is often key to winning new business,” noted Fowich.

LINDAL established a firm commitment to barrier pack technology in 2018 when it opened its BOV Application Lab, where a diversity of packaging, engineering and formulation experts provide accessible project management expertise, R&D services and technical guidance on BOV technology. Customers can test protocols, acquire same-day workable samples and advance product specifications.

Pierre-Louis Sigaut, Head of Sales at LINDAL France, said, “The popularity of the lab not only reveals the high value customers place on our in-house BOV expertise, but it also demonstrates a clear appreciation of the technology’s many benefits.”

The new investment is the latest development representing our commitment to BOV and serving our global customers,” Sigaut added.

According to a statement from LINDAL, the barrier pack technology will remain a widely adopted dispensing solution, especially for post-foam products like shower gel and shaving foam. It has also become widely adopted in the growing edible oil market where LINDAL’s BOV are used by popular brands.

Bag-on-valve’s inherent product and propellant separation preserve the product’s integrity, making it valuable for formulations incompatible with aerosol propellants, and for those products that require an extended life span. Powered by compressed air and offering 360° usability, BOV also delivers significant sustainability advantages and a rewarding consumer experience.

On the heels of its 2023  conference at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino in Incline Village, NV,  the Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB) has named its new 2024 Board of Directors.

Meet the new WAIB Board of Directors: From Left: Charlie Ortmann, Diversified CPC Intl.; Doug Raymond, Raymond Regulatory Resources (Treasurer); Andy Collantes, DS Container; Paul Gardner, Gabauer (Secretary); Bill Wood, PLZ Corp; Ben Heimann, Aerofil (President); Steve Sanchez, Aeropres (VP); Ian Fishman, PLZ Riverside; Jim Johnson, Spray Products; Jeff Kronforst, WD-40 Company; and Dave Nicholson, CRC Industries.

From Left: Officers Raymond (Treasurer), Gardner (Secretary), Heimann (President) and Sanchez (VP).


LINDAL Group has appointed Thuy-Tien Nguyen as Global Sustainability Manager. She will be based at the company’s Hamburg, Germany headquarters and will report directly to CEO Francois Xavier-Gilbert.

Nguyen holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology & Food Technology.