Cleaning with convenience

Written on: September 1, 2012 by Ava Caridad

Cleaning with convenience

The future looks bright and shiny as Household Care aerosol production jumps yet again.

The Consumer Specialty Products Association’s (CSPA) latest survey of U.S. aerosol products production indicated that fillings of Household Care products (disinfectants, room deodorants, waxes & polishes, hard surface cleaners, rug cleaners and others) increased 2.42% in 2011, making it the category with the highest production sector, followed by Personal Care.

While these results are positive, according to Euromonitor International, when making necessary Household Care purchases, consumers continued to forgo premium products in favor of more basic products, and traded down to economy brands and private label alternatives to help make ends meet. Although in some areas of Home Care consumers chose the cheapest version of products, some consumers looking to cut costs in 2011 simply gave up the cleaning altogether. In toilet care, for instance, many consumers decided to simply stop purchasing these products, as toilet cleaning was “not normally considered an absolute necessity” like other areas of home care, such as dish washing and laundry, according to Euromonitor.

Cleaning with convenienceWith consumers revaluating the cost of almost every single purchasing decision, marketers had to find a way to distinguish themselves. This was accomplished by innovations in convenience. Realizing that shoppers are willing to pay for the effectiveness, convenience and ease of aerosols and sprays, marketers launched a variety of new Household Care spray products in the past year.

Squeaky clean
According to new research from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), convenience with consumers pay special attention to the following areas when cleaning: windows (72%), blinds/curtains (67%), ceiling fans and carpets (both 65%), cleaning clothing closets and drawers (63%) and desks/home office spaces (51%). When it comes to prioritizing what rooms to spruce up, spring cleaners target the kitchen (74%), bedroom (73%), bathrooms (71%), and family room/ den (56%). It’s a good thing there are so many hot new products to choose from.

Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Homekeeping Countertop Spray uses a special vegetable protein extract to help eliminate odors from kitchen or bath. It is safe and effective on any non-porous surface, including natural stone. Caldrea Linen & Room Spray can be misted onto laundry on the line, pre-iron or post-dryer. It refreshes sheets, pillows and blankets using safe, versatile essential oils. It can also be used as a room spray, especially in the nursery to refresh a diaper pail.

Scents include Ginger & Pomelo, Palmarosa & Wild Mint, Lavender & Pine, Mandarin & Vetiver, Basil & Blue Sage, Sea Salt & Neroli and Sweet Pea. Other products in the line include Dish Soap, All-Purpose Cleaner, Powdered Scrub, Stainless Steel Spray, Hand Soap & Refill, Hand Lotion, Hand Balm, Candle, Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Delicate Wash, Sport Wash, Dark Wash and Dryer Sheets.

Cleaning with convenienceNew from SC Johnson is Pledge Extra Moisturizing with lemon oil. It has conditioning agents that nourish wood and enhance its natural beauty. It can be used on windowsills, cabinets, decorative trim, tables and chairs
and is safe to use on leather.

SC Johnson Pledge Orange Clean & Shine Furniture Polish cleans and removes dust, dirt, smudges and common allergens from dust mites, pet dander and pollen. It protects from water spills and stains, is safe for use on all finished, sealed woods and has no wax and no build-up.

Cleaning with convenienceFantastik Scrubbing Bubbles Total Kitchen Foaming All Purpose Cleaner from SC Johnson is specially formulated for the kitchen. The foaming action clings to surfaces and cuts grease and grime, has a fresh, citrus scent and no residue. It’s suitable for countertops, granite, stainless steel, stove tops, microwaves, appliances, sinks and faucets. It can also be used as a pre-soak for heavily soiled pots and pans.

Weiman’s Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner safely removes stains and odors from upholstery and most household fabrics. The product is eco-friendly with a non-toxic formula and leaves the surface safe for kids and pets. It conveniently sprays at any angle and is therefore suitable to tackle large surfaces. The product features Aptar Beauty + Home’s BOV pressurized dispensing system and the Vail Twist to Lock actuator and a 14 oz. recyclable can from DS Containers.

You’ve heard of celebrity fragrances, but brace yourself for celebrity cleaning products. Author, TV personality, businesswoman, magazine publisher and founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the icon herself has launched Martha Stewart Clean All-Purpose Cleaner.
The products cuts through grease, grime and dirt and is safe on all surfaces. The non-toxic plant- and mineral-based formula is safe for children and pets and comes in a recyclable clear plastic bottle. There are no fragrances or colors, just natural cleaning agents.

Cleaning with convenienceCleaning up after pets Retail sales of pet supplies in the U.S reached more than $11 billion in 2011 and are expected to grow by another 3.3% in 2012, according to market research firm Mintel. The recession drove some owners to abandon their pets or take them to shelters and this is the primary reason that the incidence of pet ownership was 2% lower in the 2009-10 review period compared with 2008-09. However, the incidence of pet ownership in the U.S. reached 59% in 2010-11 and this five-year high helped to drive growth in sales of pet supplies in 2011. Mintel expects that the high incidence of ownership will also play a key role in driving gains in 2012.

Bona U.S., in business since 1919, launched Bona Hardwood Floor Spot Cleaner for the elimination of pet odors and messes. According to the company, the product is safe, effective, environmentally-friendly floor care.

Cleaning with Convenience“Leaving pet soils on floors for an extended period of time may damage the finish of hardwood floors,” said Chad Nordhagen, Director of Marketing, Bona U.S. “Our research team developed Bona Hardwood Floor Spot Cleaner to address this issue to help homeowners maintain beautiful floors for a lifetime.”

The formula breaks up messes to dissolve and safely lift soils from the floor to minimize the potential of staining without streaking or leaving residue behind. safe for use around family and pets, it is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Clean+Green Litter Box Cleaner & Odor Remover
by SeaYu is a Green cleaning solution for the removal of cat urine odor and stains from feces, vomit, urine and hairballs in and around the litter box. Made from environmentally friendly, natural cleaning ingredients and packaged in a recyclable container, the eco-friendly and effective product is as safe for pets’ health as it is for the environment. Clean+Green Litter Box Cleaner & Odor Remover comes in a can from DS Containers and is filled by ATI.

Cleaning with convenienceAir Care’s place in the home
Air fresheners used to be quickly put away after use. Now, consumers are actively leaving these products in plain view, not just in the bathroom, but in other living spaces throughout their homes because the package was designed to be attractive and complement the home’s décor. Can shaping and decoration is impacting where consumers keep products in their homes, according to Melissa Quintana, Marketing Manager, CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America. Additional characteristics such as easy-to-grip shapes enhance the convenience of the packaging and build loyalty for the brand.

Cleaning Products Compendium
The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) announced the release of the 5th Edition Cleaning Products Compendium. The Compendium, which features 11 individual test methods created through scientific collaboration and interlaboratory testing, gives formulators seeking to develop cleaning products and/or test product efficacy a reference tool for standardized processes recognized by the household products industry. The Compendium supports an ongoing effort to provide consistent and industry supported scientific test methods used in developing consumer cleaning products.

For the 5th Edition, eight of the eleven available test methods have been updated and can be obtained as a complete group, or individually. Six of the Compendium’s updated test methods are currently recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program as an acceptable standard for the development of safer cleaning products.

Cleaning with convenienceAerosols, the second largest sub-segment in home air fresheners (after plug-ins), had a comparably strong five-year performance in 2011, according to Mintel, whose research shows high overall usage of spray/aerosols (76%), as they are the most widely used of all air fresheners.

The home fragrances market in the U.S. continued to recover, according to market research firm Kline & Co. Sales through all consumer channels at the manufacturers’ level reached $3.5 billion in 2011, an increase of 2% over 2010.

Driven by an increased focus on high-margin products, the luxury and mass segments were nearly equal in importance in 2011. Since 2006, premium-priced home fragrance products experienced consistently steady growth, narrowing the gap between the mass and luxury segments by less than three percentage points.

Specialty stores, the leading channel, continue to register strong gains due to their fresh store formats, enticing new products and in-store excitement. Specialty stores accounted for nearly 30% of total market sales in 2011. The direct sales channel registered the strongest gain in 2011, due to stellar sales through the Internet for the most part, plus strong sales growth for online store Scentsy.

Air Wick 4in1 Air Freshener from Reckitt Benckiser comes in premium fragrances, acts in seconds, eliminates odors and lasts up to one hour. In addition to the traditional 8oz size, Air Wick 4in1 now comes in a Mega 18oz can. Scents include Cool Linen & White Lilac, Fresh Waters, Lavender & Chamomile, Magnolia & Cherry Blossom, Rain Garden, Sparkling Citrus and
Vanilla Indulgence.

For safety’s sake Home Guard Class A Foam Fire Suppressant Spray by Shield Fire Protection is formulated to tackle common combustible fires in the home. It incorporates the same agent that fire departments use for fighting fast spreading forest fires. It’s tested and certified for use on common combustible fires such as wood, paper, fabrics, furnishings, plastics and rubber. Its wetting properties allow the foam to absorb more of the fire’s heat and provide greater penetration into burning materials. According to the company, it’s cleaner than dry chemical to ensure minimal clean-up.

Also from Shield Fire Protection is Kitchen Guard Wet Chemical Fire
Suppressant Spray. It incorporates the same extinguishing agent that protects deep fat fryers in restaurant kitchens and is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association for tackling cooking oil and grease fires.
It has cooling and sealing capabilities to prevent fires from reigniting. Kitchen Guard discharges a clean gentle spray to ensure the burning oil does not splash out of the pan and its cooling properties ensure the fire stays out. Both products’ cans are manufactured by DS Containers and filled by Chem-Pak.

Cleaning with ConvenienceHead out to the yard…
Too nice out to stay cooped up inside? Head outdoors and clean in the sunshine. Dawn Grill Cleaner from Procter & Gamble makes outdoor cleaning easier. The foam spray’s specially designed formula penetrates tough burnt-on grease on the grill and then easily wipes away grease. It penetrates greasy food soils and can also be used on dishes, pots and pans. It is recommended for use before or after grilling and rinses thoroughly with water. For vehicles, Empack launched the new Emzone Automotive Appearance & Maintenance lineup that features products that help to detail, maintain and improve the look and performance of vehicles. The new automotive line expands upon its existing products with the addition of new items and has transitioned the existing trade packaging into a new and exciting look for the retail environment. The packaging is designed for the DIY customer with a consumer friendly appeal, and offers improved differentiation between items. The product line includes a range of items including interior and exterior cleaning, as well as a variety of lubricants and greases.
Cleaning with convenience“Emzone was developed for the automotive industry,” said Cameron Brown, Director of Marketing & Sales. “With our new packaging and merchandising solutions, we are now able to bring this same quality, performance and value to the DIY consumer.”

“Many of our automotive items are multi-functional and can be used within the household as well, such as our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, Ultimate Shine, Foaming Glass Cleaner, and a number of our lubricants,” said Marketing Coordinator Natalie Tuysusian.

3M Automotive Car Care products earned an AmeriStar Award in the automotive category based upon the IoPP criteria of economic advantage, environmental consideration and product protection. The newly-designed packaging was manufactured with PET, including 25% post-consumer recycled material.

The change in packaging material will annually eliminate 63,063 pounds of PET from the waste system, according to the company. The new  containers, from TricorBraun, afford an economic advantage by reducing package weight 12.5%—a factor that lowered distribution costs.  Additionally, the new resin allowed for a less costly closure. Even with the change in resins, the package continues to protect the physical integrity of the product and the new closure provides a better seal.

Cleaning with convenienceLike a Pro
This year we’ve seen a number of products geared for professionals that can also be used in the home. For instance, WD-40 Co. introduced WD-40 Specialist, a new line of specialty products formulated for trade professionals. The new Specialist line consists of five products: Rust Release Penetrant Spray, Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, Protective White Lithium Grease, Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor and Rust Remover Soak.

“Trade professionals need products that work for specialized jobs and the WD-40 Specialist product line is a great arsenal to help them do their jobs better,” said Dr. Ernest Bernarducci, VP of Research & Technology, WD-40 Co. He also stressed the products can be used at home, as well. Developed at the WD-40 Research & Development Center, all of the new WD-40 Specialist products are 50-state VOC compliant.

Cleaning with convenienceBurnishine Products has released Burnishine 20/20 Glass Cleaner, a new aerosol cleaner for use in graphic arts applications. The product is the latest in a line of products formulated specifically for use in modern printing and converting plants. It’s packaged in a form convenient for easy application and leaves no film, streaks, scratches or residue. Its antistatic formulation contains no ammonia, and is useful for cleaning copy boards, lenses, negatives, and stripping tables. It can be safely used of a variety of surfaces, including Formica, chrome, porcelain, and plastics.

Cleaning with convenienceNot actually for fish tanks, Fish Foam Window Cleaner from Camie eliminates drips and rundowns while cleaning all types of windows, such as bay and picture windows, mirrors, stained glass, windshields and cubicle glass panels and partitions. Formulated for both home and business owners, the professional grade cleaner makes windows and surfaces sparkle. Fish Foam comes in a can from DS Containers and is filled by ATI.
Johnsen’s R-22 refrigerant from TCC is packaged and intended for certified air conditioning installers. R-22 is a non-automotive aerosol refrigerant used to charge household and commercial air conditioning units and systems. The R-22 cans, with proprietary bottom, are supplied by ITW Sexton.

Cleaning with convenienceThe future of Household Care
The Household Cleaners: A Global Outlook report from Global Industry Analysts predicts global demand for household cleaning agents will go beyond $83 billion (€62 billion) by 2015, according to The report identifies demand from consumers in the Asia-Pacific countries as an important factor in expected growth. Social factors such as concern over the spread of infectious diseases
and food hygiene will also play a central role.

Euromonitor International predicts that although convenience will be one of the main selling points for many areas of home care in the near and distant future, it will not be the only one. Scents will continue to be of critical importance to consumers who wish to further customize their households to more exactly reflect their preferences. Many areas of home care, such as surface care, laundry and toilet care, increasingly attempted to tap into this demand over the review period, and in many cases, were successful. For this reason, many companies are likely to follow suit through expanding the scent portfolio of existing brands to better cater to the increasingly selective tastes of consumers.

ACI speaks to Environmental Working Group
The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) expressed disappointment with a new publicity campaign designed to promote false fears about cleaning products that are used safely and effectively every day.

“Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives,” said Brian Sansoni, ACI VP of Communication. “By safely and effectively removing  oils, germs and other contaminants, they help us to stay healthy, care for our homes and possessions, and make our surroundings more pleasant. Consumers can continue using cleaning products with confidence.

“The Environmental Working Group’s new publicity attack on practically every cleaning product category is really an assault on common sense. The group distorts the science and research about product and ingredient safety. It ignores the fact that an enormous amount of resources are dedicated to assuring the safety of products, including many millions of dollars in research, development and testing before products ever hit the shelves. And they seem to forget the three words on product labels that prevent potential real-life problems from occurring: ‘Use as directed.’”

ACI added that “instead of sending out fundraising pitches that coarsen the public dialogue over product safety, interest groups should help focus attention on the great deal of information that is already publicly available on cleaning products and their ingredients. The public interest would be better served by dialogue rather than baseless attacks.”

“Through our industry’s Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative, companies are sharing information about product ingredients via labels, websites, toll-free numbers or other non-electronic means,” said Sansoni. Consumers can find out more in-depth information on ACI’s Ingredient Central webpage: