Bill Lueschen, American Spraytech’s R&D Director, passes away

Written on: May 30, 2013 by SprayTM

Mr. Bill Lueschen, American Spraytech’s Director of R&D and original founder of the business under PEL Associates, passed away on May 18 in Tampa, FL. He was 72. Lueschen retired from PEL Associates in 1999 after selling the company, which he set up in 1981, along with his partner Bob Swiatecki. When American Spraytech acquired the plant operations in 2003, Lueschen came out of retirement and rejoined the business, managing the R&D lab as well as heading the company’s new business development efforts. He continued working with American Spraytech from his home office in Tampa until he took gravely ill a few weeks ago.

Prior to PEL, Bill Lueschen served as Manager, R&D at American Home Products, where he formulated aerosol products such as Wizard Air-Freshener, Easy-Off Oven Cleaner, Easy-On Starch and Woolite Rug Cleaner. He also held the patent for developing Pam Cooking Spray.

Lueschen was also a member of various committees of the Consumer Specialty Products Assn. (CSPA), and served as a board member of its Consumer Specialties Insurance affiliate. He is survived by his wife, Beverly, and his two sisters Bobby and Betty.