LIQUID WRENCH to lower VOC Levels for aerosol products in 2014

Written on: October 22, 2013 by SprayTM

LIQUID WRENCH to lower VOC Levels for aerosol products in 2014

Brand Plans to Reformulate Aerosol Products to Meet California VOC Requirements

The LIQUID WRENCH brand announced plans to reformulate their aerosol lubricants in accordance with 2014 Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations. This decision serves as yet another example of the commitment to developing advanced product formulations that are high-performing, yet safer for consumers and more sustainable for the environment.

The LIQUID WRENCH brand continues finding innovative ways to enhance the performance of their products. In 2010, LIQUID WRENCH Penetrating Oil was reformulated to less than 1% VOC. In addition, the LIQUID WRENCH brand now adds Cerflon®, ceramically-reinforced PTFE, to their lubricants for superior lubricity and better wear protection. More recently, parent company RSC purchased a majority stake in Terresolve Technologies, a leading manufacturer of biobased hydraulic functional fluids and lubricants, which is now operating as RSC Bio Solutions.

With today’s announcement, the LIQUID WRENCH brand plans to reformulate their products to meet the new 2014 California VOC regulations, which limit penetrants, multi-purpose lubricants, chain lubricants, rust preventative and rust control lubricants to a maximum of 25% VOC. As well, the brand is committed to reducing VOC levels for all their aerosol products to 0% by 2016.

While the costs associated with reformulating products to meet the new VOC standards are expected to impact retail prices, the LIQUID WRENCH brand will continue to provide consumers with the most effective and safest lubricant products on retailer shelves.

“All brands in this space, including our competitors, will be required to adhere to more stringent VOC standards,” said Chris Ott, Brand Manager of LIQUID WRENCH. “As a champion for the ambitions of fixers, makers, and innovators across the country, we want to lead by example. We are opting to reformulate our products, sold nationwide, to meet the California VOC standards sooner rather than later. Offering an exceptional product while being mindful of the safety of our customers and our impact on the environment has always been, and will continue to be, a core tenet of the RSC brand family.”