Check out the fun recycling video from South African Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association

Written on: November 7, 2013 by SprayTM


south africa kids

Check out this cool video from from The Aerosol Manufacturer’s Association (South Africa). It uses real school kids to get the message out about Aerosol Recycling. Here are the lyrics, feel free to sing along…and pass it on!

See the Video here

AMA Aerosol Recycling Song Lyrics:

You gotta Reduce,
You gotta Reuse
You gotta Recycle, everyday
x 3

Now here’s the thing that you should understand
The bigger picture with an aerosol can
In daily life it plays a pivotal part
Let’s check the process, we’ll take it from the start

Inside the can is a gas called propellant
You press the nozzle down, product comes out
Do you feel it?
Do you feel it?

Long time ago there used to be CFCs
But we found out that it was bad for the environment
So Aerosols aint got no CFCs
I said, Aerosol aint got no CFC

Now here’s a fact that you can be proud of
Material that the cans are made of
Can be recycled, and this is great
We’re talking ’bout
Aluminium and tin plate

Chorus x 3

Don’t do things that you know are bad
Make sure you share this with your mom and dad
Don’t pierce, don’t squash, don’t burn the can
Get rid of it the right way and make a stand

Before you throw the cans away make sure that they are empty
Your life is not a game
Your life is not to play with

Reduce, reuse, Recycle today
Let’s keep the earth a beautiful place
Everybody needs to play their part
So let’s all take this message to heart

Every year we use millions of cans
That’s why recycling is part of the plan
Now take a moment let the thought sink in….

Ha, ha!

Chorus x 3