Former Aerosol Association President Receives Order Of Australia Medal

Written on: January 27, 2014 by SprayTM



Former Aerosol Association of Australia President Lindsay Showyin has had his contribution to the aerosol industry recognised in the 2014 Australia Day Honours, receiving an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his services to the manufacturing industry and to professional associations.

Before stepping down late last year, Mr Showyin had served as the Association’s President for nearly 30 years, overseeing a number of important Association and industry initiatives, including the shift from CFC propellants, the acceptance of post-consumer aerosols in kerbside recycling, the Association’s Award-winning series of television, print and radio commercials and in recent years its pro-active engagement with aerosol associations throughout the Asian region.

He joined the Association’s Executive Committee in February 1976, becoming President in 1984.

1976 also saw him joining the newly established PK/13 Technical Committee of Standards Australia and as its Chair he played a pivotal role in the development of AS2278, the Australian Standard which prescribes safety standards for locally sold aerosols.

Speaking on the Award, Mr Showyin noted that highlights of his time at the helm of the Association included the development of the “It’s OK to Spray” campaign by the Association in conjunction with its New Zealand counterpart in the mid-1980’s, the launch of the Aerosol Industry Awards in 1994, and the establishment of the Asian Aerosol Federation in late 2011.

Mr Showyin remains on the Association’s Executive and is President of the Asian Aerosol Federation.

The next meeting of the Federation will be held in Sydney in early April, as part of the ‘aerosolsydney2014’ series of events – for more information see