New AEROBAL website focuses on material aesthetics and quality

Written on: July 9, 2014 by SprayTM

The design and contents of the new-look website of the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) center on the aesthetics and premium nature of aluminum.

“This is because it is the numerous beneficial properties of aluminum that provide that decisive competitive edge over comparative packaging materials,” explained Gregor Spengler, Secretary General of AEROBAL. “And it is the reason why we have focused on these aspects on our new website, not just with regards the contents but visually as well.”

And the result is certainly worth a look. Packaging specialists, product developers, designers, marketing experts, advertising professionals and anyone else who is interested in optimally packaging an aerosol product will find all the important information on the aluminum aerosol can presented briefly and concisely at Contents range from the can’s benefits, such as perfect hygiene, optimal product protection, maximum consumer convenience, and safety and reliability, via the most important markets through to topics such as recycling and sustainability or design opportunities.

Anyone who wishes to find out more or is looking for a leading manufacturer of cans will find the right contact quickly and comfortably anywhere in the world using the AEROBAL list of members. Gregor Spengler describes further objectives of the website: “We are now working on building up a gallery with creative and conspicuously designed alumina aerosol cans. The aim is to demonstrate to interested specialists the fantastic potential of the aluminum aerosol can and provide them with inspiration for their own creative and innovative solutions.”