BAMA and ASE refresh students’ and teachers’ aerosol know-how

Written on: October 3, 2014 by SprayTM




With assistance from the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA), the Association for Science Education (ASE) has revised the aerosol section of theschoolsciencewebsite moving away from its original textbook style and incorporating bright, attractive photographs, illustrations and videos showing current technology from several BAMA members. Each page has a graded set of questions suitable for pupils and studentsaged 11 to 18.

The refreshed section uses aerosols as a practical case study to teach students about kinetic theory and pressure and includes relevant images and self-test questions where answers are compared with those from the ‘expert sponsors’. Accompanying the website articles is a set of three colourful A3 posters:

  • Aerosols Explained
  • Aerosols and Pressure
  • Aerosol Know-How

The posters include facts about aerosols, an explanation of the inner workings of an aerosol can and all the components and how pressure makes aerosols function. The school posters are distributed free of charge to recipients in the UK and EU. International requests will be required to cover postage. To request your copy, visit

Web resources provide something extra, a different perspective that science based industries and professionals can provide to bring the curriculum to life for their students. As well as free and downloadable curriculum resources, the site also contains information about educational competitions and awards, a full contacts directory, showcases items from educational publishers and suppliers and links to other sites plus Kitpot, the scheme to distribute free equipment, apparatus and publications.

Dr John Morris, Chief Executive BAMA comments: “Bringing to life the science in everyday products stimulates understanding and aims to help both teachers and pupils. It furthers a comprehension between industry and education and we are proud to be part of that process.”

BAMA supports the website that provides free on-line resources linked to the national curriculum for science teachers and students. Managed and administered by ASE. The site is free to use and aims to provide a comprehensive directory of teaching and learning resources, information and contacts for science teachers and their students.

For more information regardingschoolscienceor BAMA’s new posters, contact Amy Falvey at