Schoolscience promotes aerosols as educational tool

Written on: December 5, 2014 by SprayTM

Schoolscience, the website for school students and science teachers in the UK, has recently featured on the Association for Science Education website an article promoting its new interactive resource on the physics and engineering that go into making aerosols.


Nick Swift, author of the article and Editor for Schoolscience, wrote: “It turns out that aerosols make an excellent case study for the gas laws, heating effect of electric current, pressure units, vapour pressure, absolute temperature, volatility, ideal gases and the hard-to-grasp ideas of liquids that boil well below zero degrees Celsius”.

The resource was created by Nick Swift with what he describes as ‘invaluable assistance from the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA). He said: “BAMA gave me access to this fast-moving industry to learn first-hand how aerosols are developed and manufactured. It is a high speed precision engineering business that requires massive capital investment. It is important that young people appreciate how they work, that they can be recycled and that they show physics and chemistry in action.”

Amy Falvey, Communications Manager for BAMA, said: “The aerosol sector in the UK is a significant and successful industry. We are keen both to share the resources we have in helping school students better understand the science behind aerosol technology but also to encourage potential scientists to consider our industry as a possible career path”.

A copy of the article ‘Aerosols and Bugs’ can be found at