Written on: February 4, 2015 by SprayTM

Packaging solutions specialist, APPE, has launched its latest aerosol product SprayPET Reveal, at the Aerosol and Dispensing Forum in Paris on Feb. 4–5 2015.

SprayPET Reveal is a fully see-through aerosol solution providing complete product visibility and creating on-shelf impact.

The innovation is the result of a partnership between APPE and US-based Power Container Corp, a privately-owned developer and manufacturer of airless dispensing systems. SprayPET Reveal is the combination of APPE’s transparent SprayPET container with Power Container Corp’s Power Pouch dispensing system, the next generation bag-on-valve, which is also transparent.

A European-exclusive agreement between both companies means that SprayPET is the only plastic aerosol container that can be used with Power Pouch.

Bag-on-valve pouches, usually opaque silver in color, are flexible multilayer laminated bags, made from layers of nylon, polyethylene and aluminum. Power Pouch is manufactured from single-layer PET, yet retains all of the benefits of bag-on-valve technology. Unlike multilayer laminated pouches, Power Pouch is a seamless bag that provides inherent strength.
Structurally and chemically robust, the SprayPET Reveal system operates with standard actuators, is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle through normal curbside collection.

The container and pouch can be clear or coloured, and both are fully food-approved for food-based applications. SprayPET containers have the ability to be printed or fully or part sleeved.

APPE’s SprayPET Category Director, Murdoch Crawford, says: “The SprayPET Reveal system represents a world-first as a fully transparent bag-on-valve aerosol solution. It offers all the benefits of a standard bag-on-valve aerosol, yet also provides fillers and retailers a genuine opportunity to create real on-shelf differentiation for the first time and the ability to showcase the product to maximum advantage. For consumers, not only can the product be sprayed at any angle, there is the added benefit of being able to accurately predict the need for a replacement as the remaining contents can be seen.”

Power Container’s Piet Molemans says, “We are delighted to be working with APPE in Europe.  Power Pouch complements the SprayPET container perfectly and we are confident that the SprayPET Reveal system will be very successful in the retail environment.”

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