WAIB sponsored SCAQMD Legislative Day on June 16

Written on: June 18, 2015 by SprayTM

On June 16, WAIB sponsored Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Legislative Day in Southern California. Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB) Board Members and Doug Raymond, National Aerosol Association (NAA) met with the new South Coast Air Quality Management District Board Members on behalf of Consumer Product regulation. The South Coast Air District is trying to initiate their own consumer products regulations rather than continue with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) Consumer Products regulatory process.

Our purpose was to meet all new SCAQMD Board Members. We want to familiarize them with us and to cultivate a relationship so that they are familiar with our challenges in meeting patchwork regulatory changes. We also wanted to let them know that as WAIB members we also belong to the National Aerosol Association, Consumer Specialty Products Association, American Coatings Association and other industry groups that are all concerned about improving air quality and also providing jobs and useful efficacious products to California consumers.

Our message was to:

  • Meet you and introduce ourselves – we have been involved in the challenge of clean air for twenty five years and have contributed …
  • Make you aware that the SCAQMD Staff has expressed interest in regulating Consumer Products. That responsibility has been the responsibility of the CARB.
  • Multi Agency regulation of consumer products will result in “patchwork” regulation that is overlapping, confusing, and unmanageable to industry.

CSPA’s Kristin Power continues to be a critically important part of this effort and the meetings with senior staff from both agencies continue.

At our meeting with Naveen Barry, SCAQMD – Planning and Rules Manager, Planning, Rule Development & Area Sources he announced that he will be transferred to mobile sources within a week or two and that his “replacement” or likely “replacements” for him had not been decided. We will be following up with all of our contacts made on June 16th with SCAQMD Board and staff and will also be making every effort to arrange a plant tour to educate Board members to the challenges that we, in consumer products manufacturing, face with patch work regulations.

We will continue to meet with the new SCAQMD Board Members and will also be meeting with all SCAQMD Board Members this year.

Meetings with SCAQMD Staff and Board Members on June 16:

Naveen Barry, SCAQMD, Planning and Rules Manager, Planning, Rule Development & Area Sources

David De Boer, Program Supervisor, SCAQMD

David Ono, Program Supervisor, SCAQMD

Councilman Joe Buscaino ,Councilman City of LA

Michael Cacciotti, Councilmember, City of S. Pasadena

Janie Rutherford, Supervisor, 2nd District, San Bernardino

Shawn Nelson, Supervisor, City of Orange

Meetings with SCAQMD Board on alternative dates in June

Ben Benoit, Mayor of Wildomar

John Benoit, Supervisor, Riverside

Industry Attendees:

Roger Vanderlaan, Shield Packaging of CA

Steve Sanchez, Aeropres Corp.

Frank Facey, Assured Packaging

Ian Fishman, 220 Laboratories

Doug Raymond, Raymond Regulatory Resources

Charlie Ortmann, Diversified CPC

Ellen Melnitzke, Rackow Polymers

Mike Thaete, Aptar H&B

Mary Metzner, WAIB