NYSCC Suppliers Day Chemicals

Written on: August 3, 2015 by SprayTM

scsdcsAttendance at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day, held May 12–13, rose 8% to 5,537, according to event organizers. The 2016 event will be held May 10–11, once again at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center in Edison, NJ.

In addition to Suppliers’ Day, the NYSCC assembled a program of experts to explore India and its opportunities. Attendees at the program, which was held on May 11, the day before the opening of Suppliers’ Day, learned about India’s biological and ethnic diversity and its desire for personal care products and fragrances.

Here’s a look at a number of the suppliers at Suppliers’ Day offering ingredients suitable for various spray and pump applications.

Actives International
Actives International unveiled ViaFerm White Shiitake, a China-approved bioferment that has been shown to degrade melanin in vitro and lighten skin tone in vivo. Actives International’s partner, Contipro Biotech, introduced Recelline, a multifunctional oligopeptide for proteosomal activation that results in wrinkle reduction and improved elasticity.

Air Products
Air Products’ Materials Technologies segment introduced its new ROVISOME NG cosmetic actives that enable the delivery of active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin, driving greater levels of active ingredient performance. Four new ingredients that utilize this technology are ROVISOME AHA (Sodium Lactate) NG for a skin-renewing appearance through enhanced moisturization; ROVISOME Defense NG for skin soothing protection from environmental aggressors; ROVISOME HA NG for increased skin moisture that can help improve the appearance of wrinkles; and ROVISOME Q10 NG for deep skin protection from free radicals.

AkzoNobel highlighted DRY-FLO aesthetic modifiers, based on naturally-derived starch technology, that have oil adsorbing properties, helping formulators create lightweight products that promise enhanced sensory experiences. It also showcased AMPHOMER polymers, which provide hold and humidity resistance performance in hair spray systems, regardless of VOC level. DERMACRYL polymers provide enhanced water resistance and SPF retention in sunscreens ranging from alcohol-based continuous sprays to alcohol-free emulsion systems. The new BIOSTYLE hybrid polymers offer hair volume boosting along with gel clarity for styling products with a more natural touch. The STRUCTURE polymer series contains synthetic and natural rheology modifiers to thicken textures within various pH ranges.

The newest renewable ingredient under the Neossance brand, Neossance Hemisqualane  is a plant-derived, light emollient designed for high spreadability and performance. Ecocert-approved, the Neossance Hemisqualane is derived from sugar cane and renewably-sourced. Designed to create a non-tacky, non-greasy feel and silky finish, it is suitable for use in natural cosmetics formulations and applications such as sun care and hair care products.

Sensogel 200 from Applechem is a new type of hydrophobically-modified associative thickener that combines attributes from the most popular thickeners on the market, from carbomer-type product families to non-acrylamide, hydro-swelling type thickeners, according to Applechem. The result is a thickening/emulsifying, stabilizing system that exhibits a fresh, creamy sensorial profile, while retaining exceptional thickening efficacy in almost any type of environment. Sensogel 200 is stable, making it an easy-to-use rheology modifier. It has applications in skin care, hair care, sun care, facial masks, cleansers and bleaching products.

BASF Care Creations showcased its “Inspired by Life” line of seven new personal care ingredients. Emulgade Sucro Plus is a naturally-based, ECOCERT-approved emulsifier with a high electrolyte tolerance and sensory benefits. Collrepair DG is a new active ingredient that can reverse the consequences of glycation, according to the manufacturer, helping skin fibers regain flexibility and functionality. Dermawhite WF helps provide a brighter complexion; in vitro, the ingredient inhibits melanin synthesis by 90%. Chione Celestial Gold is a new gold synthetic mica, providing shimmering glow in a pure white gold shade in products such as body serums.

Bayer MaterialScience
Baycusan C 2000 is a new polymer from Bayer MaterialScience for transparent sun protection. In practical aerosol sprays, sunscreen gels and nourishing sun oils, the ingredient can help deliver a high SPF (sun protection factor) and also feel good on skin. Baycusan C 1008 protects hair against the effects of heat and humidity while also offering natural gloss and flexible hold.

Berkem’s Berkemyol potentilla is rich in stabilized polyphenols (>95%). When added to skin care formulas, the natural active acts as an antioxidant, stimulates synthesis of collagen III, I and IV, reduces wrinkles by decreasing roughness and combats the effects of glycation. Also, the company’s lines of Botanykem botanical extracts and Botanykem floral waters are available in hydroglycerinated or hydroglycolic forms; most are also offered in organic form. They are compatible with water-based formulas and are easy to use, according to the company. Extracts include arnica mexicana, gotu kola, grape seeds, honeysuckle, horsetail, kiwifruit, lavender, lemon, marigold, olive, peppermint and Roman chamomile. Floral waters include cornflower, damask rose, grape, orange blossom and witch hazel. All are obtained via steam distillation.

Botanicals Plus
New from Botanicals Plus, BP Glucan MC is a stable high purity mushroom glucan that is an anti-irritant and soother, contributing to skin recovery from damage that may be caused by sun, shaving and depilatories, or from the use of harsh active ingredients on the skin. Botanicals Plus is exclusively represented by Jeen International Corp. in the personal care market.

Centerchem exhibited its range of active ingredients and botanical extracts, including the Oils Complex, a new collection of vegetable oil complexes for skin and hair care formulations. Mystic Oil contains argan, macadamia, monoi, olive and sunflower seed oils, as well as myrrh and floral extracts, for applications such as moisturizing, hair conditioning and repairing and anti-hair loss products. Silk Touch Oil is a blend of coconut, grape seed and sunflower seed oils with chamomile extract designed to help moisturize, protect and repair hair fibers as well as sooth scalp irritation. Vitaoils, composed of argan, avocado, coconut, linseed and sunflower oils, also helps moisturize, condition, repair and prevent the loss of hair.

Clariant Personal Care showcased GlucoTain, a range of sugar-based mild surfactants offering both sensorial effects and cleaning in skin care and hair care formulations. GlucoTain Clear is a PEG-free solution offering light and fluffy foam properties to hand washes, shower gels and other types of skin and body care formulations. GlucoTain Clean provides a creamy, fine foam for a mild but deeply cleansing effect, according to the manufacturer, and is best suited for facial cleansers and anti-dandruff hair care products. GlucoTain Care provides gentle conditioning and moisturizing to dry, damaged or sensitive hair and skin. GlucoTain Flex is a versatile solution particularly suited for the development of sulfate-free anti-ageing and color protecting formulations.

Croda announced at SCC Supplier’s Day that it achieved 100% Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification of its Sustainable Palm Oil supply chain this year.

Dow Home, Institutional & Personal Care Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., showcased technologies including ACUDYNE Hair Styling Polymers for hair sprays with all-day hold and enhanced humidity resistance at an affordable cost; EcoSmooth Delight Sensorial Enhancers for skin care applications help create formulations without a tacky or greasy feel, leaving moisturized skin light and smooth without the typical cost associated with luxury feel. ACULYN Excel Rheology Modifier allows formulators to achieve suspension and clarity at low pH values, enabling them to create multi-functional cleansing products that can deliver mildness and other specialized beauty benefits through suspension. SUNSPHERES SPF Boosters provide light scattering to help improve the UV absorption of organic and inorganic UV filters, allowing formulators to use significantly less sunscreen actives to achieve the same level of SPF, resulting in a more aesthetically-pleasing product. EPITEX AC Powder helps deliver long-lasting and cost effective water resistance in sun care formulations in a compatible format for formulators.

A new in-vivo study was conducted by DSM on Chinese volunteers with its Syn-Coll peptide. According to the company, it revealed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps reveal a more lifted, sculpted look as well as refining pore appearance for younger-looking skin. Syn-Coll is a small tripeptide (palmitoyl tripeptide-5) with a unique sequence. It is also a glycerin-based aqueous solution. It is suitable for any type of anti-aging formula for age-prone zones to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in facial or body care.

Green Biologics
Renewable chemicals company Green Biologics announced a significant round of funding, which will position the company to deliver the first commercial plant in the U.S. to produce n-butanol and acetone since 1954, according to the company. This came on the heels of the company’s acquisition of the assets of Central MN Ethanol Cooperative LLC. The funding will be used to repurpose the operation, which includes a 21 million gallon per year ethanol plant, to produce renewable chemicals and bring it on stream in 2016. Green Biologics will do this using its advanced fermentation process (AFP) technology platform, which converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals such as n-butanol, acetone and their derivatives for use in the production of paints and coatings, cleaning supplies, cosmetics and food ingredients.

IBR-Pristinizer Fragrance Star extract from IBR shields skin against the detrimental effects of pollution, according to IBR, who was also promoting new data for IBR-Phyto(flu)ene. In sunlight, these colorless carotenoids fluoresce in green to provide instant redness reduction and lightening effects along with continuous use. Similarly, IBR-Dragon dragon fruit extract fluoresces in blue under UV for an immediate matifying, brightening effect along with its long term anti-aging benefits, according to IBR. PhytoflORAL imparts photoprotection and skin lightening with phytoene and phytofluene.

Lonza Consumer Care
Lonza demonstrated how to create a range of formulation bases with the naturally-derived, Polyaldo polyglycerol ester collection. Suitable for both rinse-off and leave-on applications, the multifunctional emulsifiers deliver aesthetic appeal while providing moisturization properties along with a pleasant skin feeling, according to Lonza. Geogard LSA is a broad spectrum antimicrobial designed to protect the integrity of personal care products; ReGeniStem Brightening is a meristem-based, oil-soluble active formulated to visibly brighten skin; and  Niacinamide USP PC is a multi-benefit active to even tone and enhance appearance of skin.

Lubrizol Personal Care demonstrated a range of new skin care formulations known as “The Sweet Escape,” showcasing the various applications of its latest ingredients such as Carbopol Ultrez 30 Polymer, a rheology modifier offering electrolyte tolerance and high thickening performance.

Momentive Performance Materials introduced SilForm INX fluid, a new additive designed for use in color cosmetics and hair care products. A fully functionalized ionic polymer, Silform INX forms a shiny, clear ionic network, helping to provide transfer resistance, extended durability, moisturization, anti-frizz benefits and longer fragrance retention, according to the manufacturer.

Sonneborn introduced two new emollients to its line of specialty hydrocarbons for use in skin care and pharmaceutical applications. Sonneborn Satin and Sonneborn Elegance are petrolatum variants designed to provide an uncharacteristically soft and silky feel. Sonneborn also exhibited their line of vegetable-based alternative ingredients for the growing natural market.

TRI-K Industries, Inc.
TRI-K Industries, Inc. introduced Baobab Tein NPNF, an ingredient derived from baobab, that helps defend, restore and maintain the skin. Through in vivo and in vitro tests, Baobab Tein NPNF defended skin from UV stress by limiting cellular photo-aging in a cell senescence study and significantly increased barrier function to protect and lock-in moisture. DNA health was significantly restored following UV exposure by limiting Double Strand Breaks (DSBs) and lesion formation that accelerates aging. Additionally, nourishing amino acids helped support overall skin health to maintain soft and supple skin. Baobab is an African tree called the “tree of life” that often lives more than 2,000 years, can withstand harsh climates and is known for affording protection and water.

Vertasil LIMONENYLTRISILOXANE (TM-L01), a commercial silicone-modified natural product, is a multifunctional hybrid fluid alternative to D5, D5/D6 blends and caprylylmethicone. Derived from limonene, the major ingredient of citrus rind oil, and a low molecular siloxane, TM-L01 has physical properties similar to cyclosiloxanes plus an improved sensory experience on skin. It offers organic compatibility and improved solubility over cyclomethicones.

Wacker showcased BELSIL 5512 HP, a new micro-emulsion formulation including PEG-7 Amodimethicone for improved moisturizing and soft skin feel in liquid body soaps and washes and bar soaps. BELSIL 5512 HP provides added retention and longevity to perfume, while enhancing soap to become creamier and providing sensorial effects to the skin. It aids in the removal of residual surfactants from the skin. BELSIL GB 2050 gum blend offers a composition of a low-viscosity dimethicone and an extremely high-viscosity dimethiconol. The low-viscosity dimethicones facilitate good distribution of the high-viscosity conditioning agent dimethiconol. In skin care formulations, it provides a water resistant and breathable non-occlusive protective barrier imparting a lubricious feeling and longer play-time. Use of BELSIL GB 2050 in hair care formulations yields sleek, shiny hair and helps damaged hair regain a healthy appearance while improving both wet and dry combability.