A clean bill: September Household Care feature

Written on: September 10, 2015 by Ava Caridad

September cover story

September cover story

Consumers favor household care products featuring ease-of-use and efficacy

There were more than 1.045 billion aerosol household products produced in the U.S. in 2014, an increase of almost 1.5% over 1.03 billion in 2013, according to the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA). Of these, aluminum accounted for 301.446 million and steel for almost 730 million. Room sprays and disinfectants reached 694.36 million, while Glass, oven, rug, fabric, wall and tile cleaners hit 181 million. Laundry products, such as spray starch, fabric finish and pre-washes, numbered 56.67 million; Waxes and polishes numbered an almost cool 63 million. “Other Products”, which include shoe polishes, dyes, leather dressings, fuels, drain openers, anti-static sprays, caulking and sealing compounds, accounted for 36.23 million fillings.

The household surface cleaner category overall has shown only minimal growth in the past five years, rising just 4% between 2009 and 2014 to $4.7 billion, according to market research firm Mintel. Modest gains in segments offering quick cleanup and disinfection, such as all-purpose cleaners, have been partially offset by declines in more labor-intensive segments, such as tub/tile cleaners and furniture polish. In addition, an economizing mindset has helped to keep overall sales growth in check. Category shoppers engage in a variety of money-saving tactics when purchasing household surface cleaners, including waiting for sales, purchasing large sizes and changing where they buy cleaning products to save money.

The strongest performers in recent years have been products that place extra emphasis on simplicity, convenience, quick cleanups and disinfection, including all-purpose cleaners and spray disinfectants. Products associated with more labor-intensive cleaning, such as abrasive tub/tile cleaners and furniture polish, on the other hand, have declined. Usage of oven cleaners and metal polishes/cleaners has also slipped over the past five years. While housecleaning consumers today may feel they have little time to give their homes thorough, old-fashioned top-to-bottom cleanings, they are nonetheless as concerned as ever about keeping their homes clean.

A wide range of product attributes play roles in guiding surface cleaner product selection; however, cleaning effectiveness is non-negotiable and the reinforcement of cleaning power is always an important marketing objective. A variety of other factors, including antibacterial action, ease of use, fast action and suitability for different surfaces, are important to significant numbers of shoppers.

Clorox_KitchenPumpWhile force of habit and familiar brands may guide most household surface cleaner purchases, interest in saving money motivates many shoppers to change course at least occasionally. The prevalence of this economizing mindset is likely a significant contributing factor in keeping category growth at modest levels.

The implied preference among young adults for cleaners that can be used on different surfaces is consistent with the shift in the category in favor of all-purpose surface cleaners, which are likely seen as simplifying the task of cleaning or taking up less storage space.

One such cleaner developed for ease-of-use and antibacterial properties is Clorox Pump ‘N Clean for Kitchen, which helps keep cooking surfaces clean with a pump cleaner that is safe to use around food. The one-handed pump helps clean while cooking and can be used on all kitchen surfaces, including dishes, utensils, cutting boards, stovetops and countertops, without leaving any harsh chemical residue.

Clorox Pump ‘N Clean for Bathroom helps stay on top of messes with a disinfecting formula that works on grimy soap scum left on bathroom surfaces. Safe for use on sinks, toilets, tubs and countertops, the pump system leaves bathrooms feeling cleaner and leaves a long-lasting refreshing scent. Both products are designed to use a refill pack. The products utilize a custom dispenser supplied by WestRock. Rain-X-combined

The makers of Rain-X car care announced a new line of cleaning products bringing Rain-X technology to the home. From glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors to countertops, the new Rain-X for the Home line of products takes cleaning capabilities traditionally used on the car and makes them available for home use.

“We’ve received countless calls from consumers over the years letting us know they love using our Rain-X products to clean glass in their homes and asking us to make them more widely available,” said Peter Bukaty, Group Brand Manager for ITW Global Brands, the maker of Rain-X products. “Our only solution was to develop products specifically for the home that consumers can easily find among the other household cleaning products on the shelves of grocery stores and other retailers.”

New products include Rain-X Shower Door Water Repellent to help prevent shower water and spots from sticking to the glass surface for weeks and also help prevent soap scum, hard water deposit and grime from building up. Rain-X Bathroom Mirror Anti-fog is streak-free and long lasting and helps prevents fogging on mirrors after a shower, alleviating the need to use towels and blow dryers to reduce fogging. The products feature a TS800 trigger sprayer from WestRock.

WindexWindex Aerosol Glass Cleaner from S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. is suitablefor cleaning windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, glass top stoves, plasma screens, LCD screens, LED screens and much more. Offering a lightweight aerosol can and a streak-free shine, Windex is formulated to also clean chrome, countertops, sealed granite and marble, silestone, stainless steel and vinyl. WestRock supplies the custom aerosol actuator.

Clorox Urine Remover breaks down urine to eliminate odors and remove stains, and is specially formulated for hard-to-clean porous surfaces and soft, absorbent surfaces like carpet. The product comes in a TS800 trigger-spray bottle with a molded grip for easy dispensing from WestRock.

Original Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser is a universal formula that helps remove stains and soils both indoors and out, such as grease, grime, oil, soap scum, pet stains, food and drink stains, scuff marks, wax and dried latex paint. The concentrated, commercial-strength formula can be diluted for use on more sensitive surfaces. The water-based, biodegradable cleaner meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Certification.clorox urine remover

Krud Kutter Tough Task Remover is an all-purpose cleaner for the toughest of stains and soils. The biodegradable formula helps remove stains such as gum, grease, bumper sticker residue, printer’s ink, mildew stains and oil-based paint splatters. Tough Task Remover is packaged at full concentrate for optimal strength but can be diluted with water for automotive or marine surfaces if desired. It can also be used as a laundry stain remover, since it is fabric safe and will not fade colors.

Professional strength, biodegradable Krud Kutter Instant Carpet/Stain Remover has surfactants that penetrate deep into carpet fibers to help eliminate dirt, grease, odors, and stains. Polymers repel future soils, making carpets easier to clean next time. The formula is safe for all carpet types including nylon and synthetic fibers. No sticky residue is left behind so carpets stay soft and fresh. Uses for the Instant Carpet/Stain Remover include removal of mud, motor oil, coffee, pet stains and pet odors. All three Krud Cutter products feature the VersaPlast SP05 all-plastic trigger sprayer from WestRock. Krud-Kutter-combined

Air fresheners expand beyond the home
The air freshener market in the U.S., which includes aerosol sprays, plug-ins and gels, is doing well, especially among households with infants and pets, according to a report from Reportlinker.com. Over the last couple of decades, air fresheners have emerged as an important home care product among all consumer classes in the U.S.

According to “U.S. Air Freshener Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019”, the market for air fresheners is estimated to reach $1.8 billion in 2015, with aerosol sprays and plug-ins accounting for a majority share. Introduction of organic air fresheners, manufactured using “natural substances” are also gaining popularity in the country, especially among older consumers, pregnant women and households with kids. The adoption of air fresheners is also growing in office spaces.

151 Products, UK supplier of discount household cleaning items, is expanding its extensive air freshener range, Pan Aroma, with the launch of a new line of aerosol sprays.

The “4-in-1” spray has been added to the 70-strong collection, which also includes room fresheners, liquid, plug-in and pull-up air fresheners, gel crystals, candles and oil burners. Containing an effective formula for long-lasting freshness, the 500mL Pan Aroma Air Freshener Spray freshens the air, acts in seconds and comes in three fragrances: Pink Orchid & Lotus Flower, Wild Lily & Jasmine and Linen Fresh.

“Pan Aroma is one of our flagship ranges, which has expanded considerably in recent years to cover the extensive air freshener category,” said Amanda Lewis, Marketing Manager at 151 Products. “The new range of four-in-one sprays has been carefully developed in-house to meet an increasing need in the household market and we’re confident that the quality and price-point will prove to be popular among consumers and retailers alike.”Unstopable-aerosol

The new Unstopables Air Refresher collection from Febreze complements the line of Downy laundry scent boosters released by Procter & Gamble under the same name in 2013. Promising to fill homes with the essence of luxury for up to six hours per use, Febreze Unstopables come in three fragrances: Fresh, Lush and Shimmer. EXAL supplied the cans.

Sofsole Fresh Fogger from Implus Corp. absorbs and destroys odors in shoes, lockers, bags and other gear. The technically advanced formula deodorizes and kills odors caused by bacteria. The fast-acting product is suited to take along for use wherever odors lurk in a package dispensed by the Runway Locking Dual-Action Trigger accessory on VX valve, both from Aptar.

Stop bugging me
Insect repellent and insect killers for consumer use, including sprays and skin applicants, have seen strong industry growth from rising disposable income levels and the growth of pharmacies and drug stores, according to IBISworld.com. The industry’s overall product line will diversify as manufacturers introduce plant-based repellents to attract eco-conscious consumers and appeal to shifting consumer tastes.

Ortho-Bed-Bug-SprayNew on the market is Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer kills tough bed bugs, along with fleas, ticks, ants and many other household and pet pests. The product can be sprayed onto seams and crevices of beds and furniture, along headboards and baseboards. Protection lasts two weeks between applications. For increased protection from accidental spraying, the product is dispensed by the Twist-to-Lock Vail accessory and VX valve from Aptar.

Bayer Advanced Home Pest Insect Killer is an all-purpose continuous insect spray for indoor and outdoor use. It kills common pests in seconds, can be used as an outdoor barrier treatment and offers up to 12 months of indoor insect protection. The product comes in a can from DS Containers with accessory from Aptar.

Household care forecast
Bayer_HomePest_InsectKillerWhile overall sales growth remains slow, the large and diverse household surface cleaner market holds opportunities for cleaning products that offer new ways to help consumers keep their homes clean and healthy as easily and efficiently as possible, according to Mintel. In addition, surface cleaner brands can grow sales by expanding their territory and making it easier to clean and disinfect a wider variety of surfaces at home and away. Natural, familiar ingredients and packaging that allows for easy dispensing could also help to encourage consumers to make housecleaning an even more frequent everyday routine.

Revealing the chemicals in Glade’s fragrances
SC Johnson, the maker of Glade air fresheners, has decided to tell consumers more about the chemicals they are breathing. In June, the company disclosed ingredients in the fragrances used in more than 200 of its air fresheners, candles and scented oils on its website. Companies have increasingly responded to safety concerns not from government regulators, but from customers who demand to know more about everyday products.glade-logo

Kelly Semrau, the SC Johnson Senior VP for Global Corporate Affairs, said, “We just feel that transparency in this area is the right thing to do.”

Customers have already been able to see specific dyes, waxes and other ingredients used in Glade’s various air fresheners and candles, but the chemicals behind scents have largely been a mystery.

Typically, a fragrance is listed simply as “fragrance,” even though each fragrance could contain hundreds of individual chemicals. SC Johnson buys its fragrances from fragrance houses, which are known for closely guarding the formulas of their scents.

Fragrance ingredients also are often exempted from the disclosure requirements that apply to other chemicals, such as those used in cosmetic products.

SC Johnson will disclose ingredients in two ways. When there are more than 20 chemicals in a fragrance, it will disclose the top 10, or it will disclose the highest concentrations down to 0.09% of the formula, “whichever provides the most information,” the company said in a statement.

A handful of Glade products are excluded from the new policy. Semrau said that those products’ scents came from companies that SC Johnson no longer worked with and would be phased out. The company said it planned to expand its fragrance disclosures to other brands, including Pledge, Windex, Shout and Scrubbing Bubbles.

Source: The New York Times

sustainability-summitDebut of sustainability summit for cleaning products
The first-ever sustainability summit dedicated to cleaning products will take place Oct. 20–21 in Paris. The premier edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will tackle the major technical and marketing challenges associated with “Green” home care products.

The summit kicks off with a keynote from sustainable home care brand Ecover. Amarjit Sahota, Founder & President of Organic Monitor, will present the latest data on the European market for Green household cleaning products, including trends, developments, industry challenges and future projections. Other presentations will cover ethical retailing, Green consumer behavior and case studies from home care brands and ingredient firms. The Green formulations session will give an update on the growing array of Green ingredients available for home care product formulations. There will be workshops on Green surfactants and emulsifiers, as well as environmental impacts.

Organic Monitor has launched the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit to encourage sustainability in the cleaning care products industry, which appears to be lagging behind related industries. According to Amarjit Sahota of Organic Monitor, “Home care brands have been slow to develop Green formulations and adopt standards compared to the personal care and food industries. By tackling the major technical and marketing issues in this premier edition, we hope brands will start cleaning up their formulations.”