CSPA seeks comments on Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual

Written on: January 25, 2016 by SprayTM

CSPA is engaged in a major update of the “CSPA Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual.”  The 130-page manual is entitled Aerosol Propellants: Considerations for Effective Handling in the Aerosol Plant and Laboratory, and the current Third Edition was issued in 2010.  The major rewrite will add new propellants and new requirements, including those to assure consistency with the 2015 version of NFPA Code 30B.  The manual has been used for decades by aerosol fillers and laboratories to facilitate safe handling of aerosol propellants, according to CSPA.  The final draft will be available for public comment during March, 2016, and will be provided to participants at the CSPA Aerosol Propellants Safety Seminar being held on March 16, 2016, in Atlanta immediately prior to the SATA Spring Meeting.  Anyone interested in commenting on the final draft manual should contact D. Douglas Fratz at dfratz@cspa.org (202-833-7304).