John Abplanalp establishes Tight Lines Advisors consultancy

Written on: March 23, 2016 by SprayTM

John Abplanalp, manufacturing industry leader and former CEO and President of Precision Valve Corporation, announced the establishment of Tight Lines Advisors, a consultancy with values-driven operational processes for business efficiency, performance, and financial growth. Tight Lines Advisors offers a comprehensive and principled strategic operating approach, working with organizations that are motivated to succeed and evolve into world-class market leaders. The industry sectors the firm serves include plastics, injection molding, metal forming, packaging, assembly, consumer products and more.

Tight Lines Advisors’ holistic approach, branded as The Performance AcceleratorSM, recognizes that the most important component of successful companies and sustained market dominance is people. John Abplanalp commented, “For an organization to be truly successful, its leaders should lead and know when to be led. We spend considerable time in close collaboration with not only the governing board and management, but employees as well, to fully understand the shared business vision, aligned goals, and the various incentives that ultimately create long-term value.”

Abplanalp continues, “Our goal is to create a working environment in which driving performance becomes the culture of the entire business entity, for the advantage of all stakeholders. And, at the end of the day, we believe it all comes down to leadership.” The firm considers stakeholders to be anybody or anything that can either influence or be influenced by the company. These include employees, owners, suppliers, customers, shareholders, creditors, surrounding communities, and the environment.