TSCA Passes the House

Written on: May 25, 2016 by SprayTM

On May 24, the House of Representatives passed the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act by a vote of 403-12.   The bill will modernize the nation’s chemicals management policy for the first time in 40 years. The new legislation, which is a product of bi-partisan negotiation, will assure consumers that chemicals in household and institutional products have been evaluated and found to meet a risk-based safety standard by scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency.   We expect the Senate will likely vote on the bill this week, and then it will go to the President for his signature.   The White House signaled they will support the package.

“We are proud of the role we have played in the process of TSCA modernization over the past eight years,” said Chris Cathcart, President & CEO of the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA).

“When the late Senator Frank Lautenberg began this effort to reform TSCA, CSPA committed to working in good faith with members of the House and Senate and with stakeholders on all sides of the issue. We stood by our commitment throughout the process, and the final legislation strikes a reasonable balance on the major issues and reflects CSPA’s input on behalf of our members and the input of allied trade associations and NGOs.