Nivea deploys giant-sized aerosol cans to promote new AP in Singapore

Written on: August 8, 2016 by SprayTM

Beiersdorf Singapore launched an interactive outdoor panel at Midpoint Orchard Shopping Mall for commuters to experience “The Scent of Care”.

singaporeAs part of its introductory promotions for NIVEA’s Protect & Care Anti-
perspirant, Beiersdorf Singapore wanted to bring the brand’s value of care to life, letting the public experience being cared for by the product’s iconic, soothing NIVEA crème scent, regardless of skin type.

This bus shelter panel features a life-sized 3D NIVEA deodorant can alongside an exposed cutout featuring a sample bottle. Upon pressing a button on the panel, the public is able to smell a sample of the deodorant sprayed from the cutout.

Around the panel, promoters are giving out sample sniff cards featuring the iconic scent and a 20% discount code for commuters and passers-by to purchase at Guardian’s online store or at Watsons stores islandwide.

Lee Shin, Brand Manager of Beiersdorf Singapore said, “NIVEA has a long heritage of caring values and the crème’s scent has always been regarded as soothing and comforting. Thus we are excited to partner OOH Media to raise the profile of our iconic scent through creating public interactions with our brand.”

The creative campaign will run till August 17, 2016.