VariBlend announces call for entries for second annual formulation challenge

Written on: October 18, 2016 by SprayTM

The dual chamber dispensing provider offers $10,000 in prize money for entries in the mini-sized product category…

Anticipating further growth in mini-products,VariBlend has announced a global call for entries in this hot industry category for the second annual VariBlend Formulation Challenge. VariBlend is the industry leader in custom-blending technology and the go-to, dual-dispensing solutions provider for marketers and developers alike. The Formulation Challenge is open to manufacturers, contract packagers and formulators.  The entry period starts today,and runs through December 1.

Award winners will be announced January 30, 2017.  The expert judging panel will include members of the international formulator an Brand Innovation Manager communities. Prize money totals $10,000, with $7,500 going to the first-place winner and $2,500 for the runner-up. According to Robert Brands, VariBlend President and CEO, the 2016 VariBlend Formulation Challenge asks entrants to create entries based upon the company’s made-in-America MiniMix 20mm dispenser.  This innovative platform is ideal for lip glosses, concealers and other on-the-go personal care products based upon fixed or variable delivery ratio of two different formulas.

“We are eager to see how this year’s Formulation Challenge sparks creativity in the increasingly popular mini-product category,” said Brands. “A set of intersecting trends is behind the demand for mini products,across a wide variety of applications. Most importantly, they make trying new brands and traveling with them that much easier. Consumers today are on-the-go and these mini’s can be easily carried along-in a purse, car or desk for touch ups or on-the-go application.

“In addition, they allow consumer trial of a new product, without the expense of buying the standard-sized SKU,” he said.  “But whether you call them travel or trial sized, we anticipate that these handy alternatives will grow in popularity because they fit into people’s lives.  “And, in the prestige sector, remember that the definition of luxury is changing.  Affluent consumers are increasingly mobile, and need products that match this trend towards ‘nomadism.’”

The Variblend system, available in either airless or atmospheric, allows for precise delivery of two formulas of varying viscosities and flow rates. Simply rotating the dispenser head allows the consumer to select multiple formula strengths or color shades.  As the dispenser head is rotated, it changes the position of the actuating disc, which interacts with the pump pistons.  When actuated, this disc pushes each pump piston at different angles depending upon the selected mixing ratio. As a result, Variblend’s proprietary dual-dispensing system is an appealing alternative for products that require ingredient separation, offer strength or shade regimens, or need precise mixing and blending at For further information, email, or visit

ABOUTVARIBLEND VariBlend is the world leader in the manufacture of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology. By rotating the dispenser head, multiple formula strengths can be selected. Or, as with the company’s “50-50” dispenser, a fixed ratio setting is also available.  Variblend’s patented systems satisfy consumer demand for product personalization and freshness.  The patented technology behind VariBlendhad previously been sub-licensed and marketed by Versadial Inc.