Ball partners with Unilever to deliver lighter weight aerosol packaging

Written on: April 18, 2017 by SprayTM

Ball Corp. and Unilever have partnered to bring a more sustainable aluminum aerosol can to the market. The new Rexona and Sure antiperspirant cans employ Ball’s innovative Rexona-Adventure--webReAl™ technology. The newly created metal alloy that utilizes recycled content exhibits increased strength and allows Ball to lightweight its impact extruded aerosol cans by 20 percent. This equates to an approximate product carbon footprint reduction of 18 percent for the 150-milliliter aerosol can used for Unilever’s Rexona and Sure antiperspirant when compared to a standard can.

Ball’s partnership with Unilever to lightweight their can using ReAl™ technology brings significant environmental benefits to the customer while providing the same can performance. The Rexona and Sure antiperspirant aluminum aerosol cans are supplied by Ball for the European market.