Statement by HCPA about Good Housekeeping Magazine Article

Written on: April 19, 2018 by SprayTM

The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) recently commented on aerosol propellants in Good Housekeeping magazine. Please see HCPA’s press release below.
HCPA Statement on Aerosol Propellants
in Good Housekeeping Magazine
WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the mention of aerosol propellants in a Good Housekeeping magazine article on air quality, the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) released the following statement, attributed to Nicholas Georges, Director, Scientific Affairs.
Many consumers truly value and appreciate the convenience of aerosol products as they make it quick and easy to apply as little or as much of a product as you want. Aerosol technology allows for an expanded range of product types that may be more effective for certain situations or consumer preference. If you have ever used a pest control product to spray a wasp nest from more than ten feet away, you understand why many consumers prefer products that use aerosol technology.
While most consumers are familiar with aerosol products like deodorants, cleaners and pest control, aerosols are used in many places in the home and beyond. There are thousands of products that use aerosol packaging on the market and many consumers are surprised to find out that aerosols are used in healthcare, agriculture and science. For example, millions of people living with asthma use aerosol inhalers, and since aerosol products can be applied without contact, hospitals use aerosols to spray antibiotics into wounds.
While the Good Housekeeping article mentions that some consumers may be concerned about aerosol propellants like propane, butane and isobutane, these products are safe when used properly and consumers can feel confident using them in their homes and workplaces. If a consumer is interested in more information on what is in an aerosol product, we recommend the company’s website as the best source of information, and the HCPA Consumer Product Ingredients Dictionary is a trusted source for more technical information on many household and commercial product ingredients, including aerosol propellants.