Walmart partners with Starco Brands to launch Parents’ Choice Nursery Cleaner with Breathe-Safe Technology

Written on: August 15, 2018 by SprayTM

Starco Brands and Walmart Inc. have partnered to offer consumers a child-safe and environmentally friendly Multi Purpose Nursery Cleaner under Walmart’s Parents’ Choice brand. The multi-purpose cleaner utilizes Starco Brands’ Breathe Safe Technology found in the Breathe aerosol cleaning line. This aerosol cleaning line is the first and only aerosol cleaning line to be approved by the EPA’s Safer Choice program, according to the company.  

“Walmart shoppers trust the Parents’ Choice brand to give them high quality and safe products at a great value,” said Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands, “and Walmart chose to work with Starco Brands on this product because they know that the Breathe aerosol line is the only line globally certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program. The Breathe line had also won three prestigious awards in 2017 and 2018. What an incredible choice for their general purpose nursery cleaner: effective, safe and gentle, even for the most precious areas of your home.”

Commenting on the launch, Jim Leonardi, Chief Sales Officer of Starco Brands said, “Day after day we are seeing the retailer shift from traditional toxic cleaners to safer products that don’t sacrifice on performance.  We are in an era of truly being able to deliver products that are safe for your home and environment, while delivering a high end experience and true cleaning  performance.”

Parents’ Choice Multi-Purpose Nursery Cleaner Powered with Breathe-Safe is available nationally at Walmart stores.