Ball Corp. to introduce its 360° aerosol can at ADF Paris

Written on: January 25, 2019 by SprayTM

At the ADF&PCD exhibition in Paris on Jan. 30–31, 2019 Ball Corp. will introduces its 360° aerosol can. The newly developed technology brings another dimension to can contouring, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically, up to the full circumference of the can, ultimately benefiting both brand owners and end consumers.

Ball introduces its 360° aluminum aerosol can, Futuristic design (shown)

360° Can Demands to be Seen and Touched 

Ball paired its graphics expertise with innovative shaping to produce a can that is visually engaging from every angle. 360° offers brands a new advantage, delivering an aerosol package that communicates their story, stands out on the shelf, and consumers will want to examine more closely.  

The true value of the 360° is found where graphics and embossing intersect. Artwork oriented to the recessed area complements the shaping and allows for dynamic detail. For brands that embrace a clean and simple aesthetic, this new dimension can add drama without clutter.

Global Innovations Director, Jason Galley commented: “360° brings can design to the next level, as varied shaping is available around the entire circumference of the can. The recessed area goes beyond visual engagement: It also provides ergonomic benefits to the customer. The shaped area can be oriented in a way that provides the consumer with grip, a feature that comes in handy with products where slippage is a usability concern.”