CARB Workshop April 12 to initiate new Consumer Products rulemaking

Written on: March 1, 2019 by SprayTM

Workshop to Initiate New Consumer Products Rulemaking

Staff to Solicit Stakeholder Input Regarding Emission Reduction Opportunities

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) invites you to participate in a public workshop on April 12, 2019 to initiate rulemaking to further reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from consumer products. Over the past 30 years, CARB has taken actions to reduce emissions and the reactivity of over 120 categories of consumer products. These regulations have cumulatively reduced VOC emissions by about 50 percent.  Despite this progress, consumer product emissions are projected to increase in the years ahead as California’s population continues to grow.

The 2016 State Strategy for the State Implementation Plan (State Strategy) requires CARB develop measures to reduce consumer product VOC emissions by 1-2 tons per day by 2023 (tpd) and 4-5 tpd by 2031, respectively, in the South Coast Air Basin, and 8-10 tpd by 2031 Statewide.  At this workshop, CARB staff will discuss possible emission reduction opportunities suggested by the Consumer & Commercial Product Survey (Survey) data, and solicit stakeholder ideas for potential new regulatory strategies.  Staff will also discuss options for translating the Survey data into an updated emission inventory, the proposed rulemaking timeline, and additional opportunities for public input.

DATE:                April 12, 2019
TIME:                 9:00 a.m. – noon Pacific Time
LOCATION:       California Environmental Protection Agency
California Air Resources Board | Klamath Training Room
1001 I Street Sacramento, California 95814
Interested stakeholders may also participate in this workshop via webinar.