CAPCO launches revamped Make More Magic website

Written on: March 21, 2019 by SprayTM

The Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) has relaunched the Make More Magic website to provide an improved digital hub for key stakeholders in the industry, to foster community and to better educate consumers on the uses, environmental impacts and safety of aerosol products. With the perception of aerosols often clouded by dated information and misconceptions, Make More Magic encourages manufacturers, consumer brands, scientists, and other principals in the industry to lead the way in demystifying concepts of aerosol products through creativity, activity, and environmental education.

As a non-profit group committed to supporting the aerosol products industry, CAPCO strives to shed a positive light on the widely-unknown benefits and uses of aerosol—from cleaning and cooking, to spray painting, and more. Make More Magic aims to meet these goals with meaningful projects, including Mist:Understood—a dedicated web, social and communications platform that successfully engages and educates consumers with vibrant digital content and live events.

“With the new Make More Magic website and the social media presence for Mist:Understood, CAPCO is poised to drive growth of aerosol products,” stated CAPCO Chairman Sean Fitzgerald. “This is the first ever campaign designed to influence purchasing behavior. Make sure your company is contributing today!”

Steered by a volunteer board of seasoned industry veterans, CAPCO serves as a network of professionals, a hub for market research, and a unifying voice for the aerosol products industry. The organization is uniquely positioned as a liaison between the aerosol products industry and the American public through consumer marketing activations, research projects and regular speaking engagements. By joining Make More Magic, partners can effectively promote a vibrant, healthy, and responsive aerosol industry that inspires.

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