APEAL unveils new website; touts benefits of steel for packaging

Written on: May 21, 2019 by SprayTM

The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) has launched its new, dedicated Steel for Packaging website at www.steelforpackaging.org. It is designed to promote the unique qualities and benefits of steel as a packaging material, both for design and recyclability.

“The new Steel for Packaging site is set to help brands, retailers, designers and can makers to make the best packaging choice for their product which also meets consumer demand and environmental requirements,” said Alexis Van Maercke, secretary general of APEAL. 

“As we move towards a circular economy, stakeholders across the supply chain are becoming acutely aware of how their packaging choices impact upon the environment. Steel is the easiest and most economical packaging material to recover and recycle, with well-established and highly-efficient collection and sorting systems in place across Europe.”

Steel is endlessly recyclable without loss of quality as a permanent material, and 79.5% of all steel packaging in EU was effectively recycled in 2016. It also provides a unique 100% barrier against light, water and air, preserving food effectively and minimizing waste.

“As global debate focuses on issues of microplastics and waste, a material such as steel that is fully and endlessly recyclable with no loss of quality, is well-positioned to help brands achieve their sustainability objectives,” added Van Maercke. “Choosing products packaged in steel is an environmentally positive choice and the new website will help to better communicate this.”