HCPA responds to New York ban on 1,4-dioxane in Household Products

Written on: June 24, 2019 by SprayTM

The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) released the following statement on June 21, 2019, attributed to Steve Caldeira, President & CEO of HCPA, after the New York state legislature passed SB.4389B.

“Unfortunately, the New York state legislature was persuaded by Long Island activists that passing a bill to ban a manufacturing byproduct found in dish soap and other cleaning products will help improve water quality. It will not. In effect, this bill would ban these types of common household products in New York state. These are familiar and trusted brands that have been used for generations by millions of families on Long Island and across the U.S.

Now, only New York Governor Cuomo can prevent the serious consequences of this legislation from rippling across the supply chain, which would threaten public health. Cleaning products that help prevent the spread of disease and keep hospitals, schools, restaurants and hotels healthy could be pulled from stores. Consumers and workers would also feel the pain in their pocketbooks and there could be negative economic consequences for the state. We respectfully urge Governor Cuomo to not sign SB. 4389B and work collaboratively with us toward a responsible, common-sense solution.”