Pepper spray pioneer, Albert P. Caruso, passes away

Written on: September 11, 2019 by SprayTM

Albert P. Caruso, a pioneer in the manufacture of consumer pepper sprays, died Aug. 16 in Amherst, NY after a short illness. He was 85 years old.

Caruso began his career as a life and health insurance agent but took over his father’s shoemaking business which led him to design custom leather goods for customers such as the Kenmore Police Department. In the early 1970s, he devised an aerosol dispensing system for pepper spray and in 1975 founded Avanti USA Ltd., Tonawanda, NY.

Mr. Caruso received 10 patents for his aerosol container components and was inducted into the American Society of Inventors in 1980. He was nominated for the annual Western New York Inventor of the Year Award in 2006 for his patented actuator for aerosol containers.

He remained active in Avanti USA Ltd. until his death. His wife Gloria and sons Nicholas, Greg Van Norman, Adam and Matthew continue to operate it. He is also survived by six grandchildren. A memorial service was held Aug. 31.

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