ACI revamps enzyme guidance document for consumer products

Written on: November 20, 2019 by SprayTM

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has updated its “Guidance for the Risk Assessment of Enzyme-Containing Consumer Products” to help consumer product manufacturers develop appropriate risk management assessments and strategies and continue successful product safety stewardship programs both in the workplace and at home. Enzymes in laundry and cleaning products break down soils and stains on surfaces to ease removal but can cause respiratory sensitivities.

“Experience in the cleaning products industry demonstrates that potential risk of adverse effects can be successfully managed by identifying the hazards to be managed, carefully assessing exposure, characterizing the risk and then applying appropriate risk management,” said Dr. Francis Kruszewski, ACI’s Senior Director of Human Health & Safety. “This publication provides strategies and methods that represent current industry best practices.”

“Appropriately managing health risks associated with enzymes across all enzyme-containing products will ensure public acceptance of this beneficial class of ingredients. To that end, ACI encourages product manufacturers in other sectors to avail themselves of the best practices laid out in this updated guidance,” said Kruszewski.

The guidance document was last updated in 2005 and is meant for toxicologists, risk assessors and product safety professionals in industries formulating products containing enzymes. The document is available for free at