Perfumed Plume journalist award nominations now open

Written on: January 1, 2020 by SprayTM

Nominations for Perfumed Plume’s 5th annual awards in fragrance journalism are now open for submission. The deadline is Feb. 14. The awards will honor published editorials or books from January–December 2019 that provided a broader awareness and appreciation for fragrance through informative and entertaining “scent-centric” stories. The 2020 categories are as follows:

• Scent stories in mainstream media—print, magazines and newspapers
• Scent stories in digital media—digital magazines, newspapers, blog postings, webzines
• Visualization of scent stories—print & digital
• Short ‘n Sweet Scent Stories—print or digital
• INSTApost—scent stories on Instagram
• Fragrance book

“Many kudos to the creative fragrance writers whose dedication to this art form continues to elevate our spirits, open our minds and take us on fantastic scent journeys,” said Mary Ellen Lapsansky, Co-Founder of Perfumed Plume, LLC.

“We applaud four years of winners,” said Lyn Leigh, Co-Founder, Perfumed Plume, LLC “and can’t wait to find out who will win in 2020.”

The Perfumed Plume Consulting Committee includes:
• Virginia Bonofiglio: Chairperson, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology
• Sheherazade Chamlou: VP, Sales Beauty NA, Aptar Beauty & Home
• Miranda Gordon: VP, Fine Fragrance Marketing & Evaluation, MANE
• Henry de Monclin: President of HDM Design
• Mary Manning: Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SilkRoute Strategists
• Raymond Matts: CEO of Creative Design at Raymond Matts LLC – Perfume Designer
• Tanya Pushkine: Communications and Corporate Philanthropy Consultant
• Lyle Saunders: Creative Consultant
• Bart Schmidt: Managing Partner, Brands With Purpose

The 2020 Perfumed Plume Awards will be held April 23 at The Society of Illustrators, New York, NY. Award criteria can be found here: