BAMA launches new Aerosol Technology course format

Written on: January 16, 2020 by SprayTM

The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association’s (BAMA) two-day Aerosol Technology course, set for March 17–18 at The Woburn Hotel, Woburn, UK, will combine theoretical and practical aspects. The course will cover everything from aerosol regulations, formulations and filling, to advice on propellants, valves and containers.

The meeting features a new format where delegates will not only learn about valves, the basics of sealing the valve to the can and filling different formulations, but also be able to carry out lab tests on aerosols. The lab tests, which in the past were carried out later in the year, will happen during the two-day course and will measure discharge rate, particle size distribution and flammability.

“This course will benefit those across all functions within the industry,” said Patrick Heskins, BAMA Chief Executive. “Whether you work in R&D or procurement, are a line operative or senior manager, this course distils all aspects of aerosol technology, showing how each part of the aerosol interacts to create a packaging format unlike any other. The new course will not only minimize travelling time and costs for those taking part, but deliver the practical experience while the theory is still fresh in their mind.”

The cost of the course now includes overnight accommodation and an evening meal, where attendees can network with course tutors and other delegates and learn more about the history of the industry in an informal setting.

Space is limited and reservations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. For more info, contact or visit