Industry continues to rally to make disinfecting products

Written on: April 8, 2020 by SprayTM

Companies continue to ramp up production of hand sanitizer worldwide due to shortages, including BASF and Clariant.

BASF announced it is manufacturing hand sanitizer in Washington, NJ to support the fight against COVID-19 in New Jersey and New York and will offer it free of charge.

The Washington location does not normally produce this, however a team of BASF scientists and engineers worked on a compressed timeline to develop the product. The facility will produce approximately 3,500 gallons of hand sanitizer to be distributed to health care systems and government agencies in New Jersey and New York, as well as other BASF locations in the U.S. This follows BASF’s “Helping Hands” campaign in Germany.

Clariant is producing 2 million liters of disinfectant a month in Gendorf, Germany to help support German institutions during the COVID-19 outbreak, and to help meet the State of Bavaria’s goal to provide 10 million liters of disinfectant over the next three months to regional hospitals and other vital institutions.

It will be produced in cooperation with renewable ethanol maker CropEnergies, other partners and the State of Bavaria. The disinfectant is based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) official standard. Clariant’s Gendorf facility’s infrastructure is able to blend the necessary ingredients into disinfectant on a large scale. Clariant is offering its contribution at cost price to the German State.

The disinfectant is filled into large tank containers and other partnering companies fill packaging in suitable sizes, ranging from 1- to 1,000 liters and then distributed to the institutions.

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