FEA on track for September Aerosol2020 in Portugal

Written on: April 21, 2020 by SprayTM

From the European Aerosol Federation (FEA), April 21, 2020:


In order to be ready and to adapt to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the next couple of weeks, FEA is looking into different scenarios and options for the overall organisation of the FEAerosol2020 which is scheduled for 23 & 24 September 2020, while protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all participants.

Portugal & Covid-19
Portugal is much less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than other European countries, such as Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, etc. This is due to the purely geographical position of Portugal with only one land border, which makes it easier to control access to the country but also to the fast declaration of state of emergency and strict measures at an early stage by the Portuguese government.

We also monitor the evolution of the situation in the other countries.

FEAerosol2020 – 23 & 24 September 2020
FEAerosol2020 will be maintained unless for example the Portuguese authorities prevent it or other similar situations, which is not the case today. The information received from Portugal remains positive and we stay confident our events will be able take place as planned to offer unique business opportunities.

We will of course keep members, exhibitors, visitors and potential contacts informed of developments, starting with the hygiene, health and social distancing measurements taken to implement in the exhibition and congress area, which are obtained by regular follow-up calls with our different partners and suppliers.

We also have extended all deadlines for payments as well as the awards application to allow companies to deal with the many current challenges. Please have a look at our website www.feaglobalevents.org

FEAerosol2020 today’s actions

  • Recommendations and decisions taken from the EU and more specifically of the Portuguese Government are monitored by FEA.
  • The exhibition floor plan as well as the conference rooms setups will be adapted as required to fit the new social distancing requirements as soon as those are officially announced by the authorities.
  • Alternatives are already found for the awards ceremony event and wrap up cocktail party to meet the social distancing precautions.
  • Hygiene, health and social distancing measurements will be implemented in varied areas such as registration desks, catering facilities and side events onsite.
  • We are managing to get protection kits (sanitizers, gloves, masks) for all and in sufficient quantity for the 2-days event.
  • Hotels in Portugal and throughout the world are currently working on the post-covid-19 infrastructure & service conditions and programs for re-opening.
  • Alternatives for public transportation ie private shuttle services are taken in option.
  • Travel restrictions & precautions taken by airlines are closely monitored.

Next Steps
As written earlier, we will keep FEAerosol2020 exhibitors and participants informed on developments which are intensively discussed with our different partners and suppliers.

These are unprecedented times and unprecedented responses will be given.

We are working hard to ensure that, after the situation has calmed down, we can start full speed in the new “normal” conditions.

Thank you for your trust and patience in these challenging times.

Kind regards,
FEAerosol2020 Team