Pandemic leaves mark on aluminum aerosol can industry

Written on: May 1, 2020 by SprayTM


Global pandemic leaves mark on aluminum aerosol can industry

Packaging manufacturers are important part of system-relevant supply chain…

The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving a trail of devastation in its wake in numerous branches of industry worldwide. Government-imposed curfews and restrictions on mobility, including cross-border movement, and the complete or partial closures of companies, are causing considerable disruption within the tightly woven international supply chains, according to AEROBAL Secretary General Gregor Spengler, who is also Head of Packaging at Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e. V. (GDA).

In many countries, packaging has already been identified as a relevant part of the system to supply the population with food, health care and pharmaceutical products and is accordingly exempted from state-imposed restrictions. Consequently, grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies are staying open for business to ensure the public is kept supplied with the packaged food, personal care and pharmaceutical products it needs.

However, the closure of shops in the hair care and beauty sector, such as hairdressers, is reflected in the declining demand from numerous customers in the aerosol can industry and in their ordering behavior, said Spengler. Furthermore, uncertainty on the part of the general public, reduced working hours and job losses are also having an impact on consumer purchasing. Panic buying of food, sanitizing products, hand cream and soap is being offset by cost-cutting measures for other products, such as cosmetics, which lose their fundamental importance for many consumers during times of crisis.

            “Despite all the adversities caused by the crisis, however, the continued operation of food, drug stores and pharmacies—coupled with the packaging industry being recognized as an important part of system-relevant supply chains—means that, with a few exceptions in certain countries, the industry is far less affected by the cuts than other industrial sectors,” stated AEROBAL President Leopold Werdich.

“Certain market segments are even enjoying something of a temporary boom in demand.”

The explosive increase in the production of disinfectants worldwide, for example, is also creating unexpected business opportunities for manufacturers of aluminum aerosol cans. The relevance of pharmaceutical products that are indispensable for the patients who use them, such as asthma inhalers and other medical care products, become even more apparent during crises like the one at present, AEROBAL said.

Manufacturers of aluminum aerosol cans offer solutions for numerous hygiene and pharmaceutical products that meet the highest hygienic requirements and take clients’ sustainability concepts into account, said Spengler.

“While making the health of our own workforce a priority, our industry will do its best to make a responsible contribution to ensure the public has an uninterrupted supply of these important products,” concluded Werdich.