ACI pilots new database for cleaning product ingredient safety initiative

Written on: September 29, 2020 by SprayTM

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has launched a pilot phase of the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative database which contains environmental data on 200+ chemicals in the U.S. consumer cleaning product supply chain.

This database was designed to characterize ingredients that are contained in household cleaning products using a risk-based approach in an aquatic environment. The results can determine if environmental risks are anticipated to be negligible or if additional data are required to make a more realistic assessment. It will be most useful to regulators, researchers, and cleaning product industry formulators and suppliers looking for detailed information on ingredients used in consumer cleaning products.

“The environmental data available in ACI’s Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative makes public screening level risk assessment summaries for both human health and environmental health, which can be used to meet regulatory requirements,” said Kathleen Stanton, ACI Associate VP, Technical & International Affairs. “The expansion represents a continued commitment to transparency for the cleaning product supply chain.”

In addition to developing a quantitative estimate of environmental exposure, ACI published on its website a description of each ingredient, including:

  • the types of products in which it is used,
  • the form of those products,
  • the ingredient’s function within each of those products,
  • the typical concentration range among the products, and
  • the most relevant routes of exposure associated with the use of those products.

ACI’s ultimate goal is to complete screening level environmental assessments for all ingredients in the database. Currently the environmental data for 588 ingredients is in addition to the comprehensive human health assessments already available on the ACI website. For more info, visit