3D aerosol configurator launched by LINDAL

Written on: March 22, 2021 by SprayTM

LINDAL Group has launched an online 3D Aerosol Configurator to quickly and easily transform traditional aerosol packaging design processes into sophisticated 3D ones.

3D Aerosol Configurator allows customers to select any of LINDAL’s standard actuators and overcaps with the most commonly used aerosol cans. Different materials, diameters, heights and shoulder types can be selected to build more than 5,000 unique aerosol packages.

The online tool allows the visualization of full aerosol packaging early in the design process. Each 3D model is fully color customizable, enabling customers to apply specific artwork and branding and to the can, the company said. Customers can quickly edit designs as well, saving both time and money.

“Conventional product design and approval procedures are often long-winded and restrict customers’ design options,” said Kashif Choudhry, LINDAL Group Marketing Manager. “Our concept streamlines creative processes, releases valuable time and ultimately supports an improved time to market for products.”

Customers can effectively identify the best actuator options for their future aerosols and contact sales representative directly through the online platform to discuss projects in more detail and to request samples. The portal has a fully secure platform. Confidential designs are stored on LINDAL’s server and not a third-party server.

“Customers are naturally coming to expect an online, interactive experience and although configuration tools are commonplace in other industries, a system as advanced as the LINDAL 3D Aerosol Configurator is the first of its kind in our sector,” added Choudhry. “The capabilities of the technology do not end with improving the design process; we see this platform as an intuitive way to share our products with our customers, which will improve their overall experience when dealing with the LINDAL Group.”

The 3D Aerosol Configurator was beta tested by Maxim, Swallowfield and Cosmosol. Their feedback was instrumental in the development of the tool, LINDAL said.

For more info, visit https://3dconfigurator.lindalgroup.com/login_page?home=/