New Rossmann drug store aerosol deodorant uses Salvalco’s Eco-Valve

Written on: April 28, 2021 by SprayTM

European drug store chain Rossmann has launched an Alterra natural and vegan deodorant spray for men that contain organic ingredients and essential oils. The 75mL aerosol deodorant is touted as lasting 24 hours.

The deodorant uses UK-based Salford Valve Company Ltd.’s (Salvalco) Eco-Valve, which uses an environmentally-friendly nitrogen propellant. Rossmann is the first major brand in Europe to use Eco-Valve. The packaging was part of the drug store’s bid to meet customer demand for more sustainable aerosol solutions, healthier lifestyles and organic- and vegan-based formulations.

“Seeing one of the first product references of Eco-Valve in the market has been incredibly rewarding and certainly marks an exciting time for the Salvalco business,” said Peter Shaw, Salvalco Managing Director. “Our ethos has always been about supporting the aerosol industry with the technology of tomorrow, in order to achieve a more sustainable future. And it’s great to have been able to collaborate with Rossmann and to see Alterra on the shelves.”

The product was filled by Cosmosol in Italy. Rossmann operates 4,000 stores in Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Kosovo, Spain and Turkey.