Trivium wins three iF design awards in packaging design

Written on: May 4, 2021 by SprayTM

Trivium Packaging has been awarded three 2021 iF Design Awards in Packaging Design for infinitely recyclable and reusable aluminum bottle packaging for Petal, Rainforest Artesian Water and Bubble Tree products.

The awards recognize not only on outstanding design but those that fully embrace sustainability methods, recyclable materials and reusability.

“Trivium continues to push the envelope by designing premium metal packaging that grabs the attention of consumers while meeting the highest standards in design and sustainability,” said John Blum, VP Quality & R&D, Americas for Trivium Packaging. “As new, emerging companies as well as large organizations increasingly look to eco-friendly packaging, we’re proud that our infinitely recyclable solutions standout as an appealing, popular choice.”

The iF Design Awards highlighted:

  • Rainforest Artesian water bottle

    Rainforest Artesian Water bottle’s design to help eliminate single-use plastics that dominate the bottled water market. It uses 25% recycled aluminum and can be re-closed, refilled and 100% recycled with no plastic components.





  • Petal Foaming hand soap

    Petal’s Foaming Hand Soap as a zero-waste hand soap system. Refillable pods are shipped directly to customers, which are mixed with water and dispensed in a stylish, 8.5-oz. reusable aluminum bottle (available in three sleek designs made from 100% recyclable, lightweight aluminum). The foaming pump is made from post-consumer recycled plastics.


  • Bubble Tree

    Bubble Tree Refillable Bubble Solution as an eco-friendly and sustainable bubble solution that uses aluminum bottles that can be repeatedly refilled over time. Manufactured and sold in the U.S.,  the kit includes a durable 100% recyclable bottle with an ergonomic grip and cap with an attached bubble wand to keep hands clean.

Amongst nearly 10,000 entries from 52 countries, Rainforest Water, Petal and Bubble Tree’s packaging won over the 98-member jury, made of independent experts from all over the world.