Fiber-Shield Industries rebrands with new logo, celebrates 42 years

Written on: May 12, 2021 by SprayTM

On May 12, specialty protection products maker Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. celebrated its 42nd anniversary. The company also announced its corporate rebranding strategy with a dynamic new corporate logo—a shield of white and gold. The logo represents the company’s continued commitment to help customers succeed in today’s challenging marketplace.

“We’re proud of our 42 years of offering effective, high-performance protection products, made right here in the USA,” said Manny Vickers, President & Co-Founder of Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. “Our new logo is in the shape of a shield, which references our protection products. The white signifies our PFAA-free certifications and clean-polymer technology. The gold represents the highest standards of product quality and customer service.”

All of Fiber-Shield’s super-hydrophobic products are certified free of all PFOs, PFOAs and PFAAs (based on independent lab results). Its fire retardants are also free of PBDEs. Industries served include Fabric & Carpet; Leather; Glass; Fire Retardants; Metal & Fiberglass; Vinyl & Rubber; Masonry and other materials.

According to Vickers, the industry impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic pinpoints key reasons for customer loyalty to Fiber-Shield.

“Over the last year, the importance of robust supply chains and dependable sourcing of quality products has become more evident,” Vickers said. “Our USA-made protection products, and 42 of business-to-business experience, deliver the finest in environmentally compliant products.”

Fiber-Shield was founded in 1979 by Manny and Connie Vickers in Long Island, NY. The company’s proprietary formulations demonstrate its mastery of Polymer Science and allied technologies, the company said. Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc.’s mission is to deliver proven, breakthrough, and competitively priced protection products.

The company’s state-of-the art labs ensure batch-to-batch product integrity and consistent performance. For more info, visit