Krylon launches new Neon, Metallic and Color-Morphing spray paints

Written on: July 3, 2021 by SprayTM

The Krylon Brand is giving DIYers more reasons to be creative with fresh and fun craft spray paints that make projects more colorful, captivating and eye-catching, according to the company. Part of the Krylon Design It Yourself (DIY) Series of products, the new aerosols in neon, metallic, on-trend and color-shifting shades are perfect for turning old furniture, cherished keepsakes and everyday objects into newfound treasures.

Four Ways to Get Crafty

From the Krylon brand come more fantastic finishes for making the ordinary extraordinary including:

  1. Krylon Décor Selects add on-trend pops of color to medium-sized projects. Available in a wide range of the latest pale hues and vibrant shades, these aerosols are great for refreshing furniture and home accent pieces. Décor Selects are craft foam safe and fast drying for indoor/outdoor use. There are more than 30 shades to choose from including new Satin Velvet Pine, Satin Buttered Hazelnut, Satin Matcha Green and Gloss Olive Oil.
  2. Krylon Foil Metallic paints take shine to a higher level, creating a foil-mirrored look on any interior surface. Crafters who love to brighten décor or give objects a charming luster will find an expanded assortment of colors in this popular line of sparkling aerosols. The spray paints in new Red, Purple, Green, Blue or Yellow Foil are fast drying and suitable for wood, metal, glass and plaster/ceramic surfaces.
  3. Krylon Neon colorst add zest and a hint of brilliance to any home. Craft projects get a vibrant boost with this bold array of striking, qick-drying shades— Neon Pink, Yellow, Green and Orange—that can infuse the essence of summer on wood, metal, wicker and other surfaces indoors and outside.
  4. Krylon Color Morph aerosols keep things interesting by creating multicolored effects. The fast-drying, color-shifting paint is formulated to impress—as the light source and viewing angle changes, colors appear to change as well. Colors include Purple-to-Green, Blue-to-Purple and Green-to-Gold options.

“This year especially, we want to kick craft season into high gear by helping people bring good vibes into the home,” said Kristen Ashbrook, Associate Product Manager for Krylon.

“It’s time to pick up the pace again, look ahead and let imagination thrive, and now you can with shades that are naturally energetic, optimistic and on trend.”

Crafters can visit to check out new DIY Series aerosols as well as project tips, how-to videos and idea starters for making cool, creative and colorful summertime improvements.