Aerosol “Mist Drinks” in aluminum can from Trivium

Written on: July 21, 2021 by SprayTM

Mist Drinks, a brand new whipped product line, lets cocktail lovers recreate their favorite drinks at home. Launching one of the first food products in an aluminum aerosol can,  Mist Drinks is pioneering the category with aluminum aerosol packaging.

Trivium Packaging and the filler, Prodipani, partnered to launch the product in Brazil in May. The portfolio includes different tropical infusions, ginger, aromatic herbs and the Moscow mule line. Mist infusions come ready to mix with gin or vodka.

Trivium Argentina manufactured the can, without printing, and Prodipani applied sleeve labels, allowing Mist Drinks to have more flexibility to launch several flavors. According to Trivium, some elements that went into Mist Drinks’ choice to use aluminum aerosol can packaging include:

  •  Environmental commitment. 

  • The whipped cream is presented in a modern aluminum can 53 x 200 able to support 18 bar pressure, providing both elegance and guaranteeing protection. As it is a single piece and it is fully covered with varnish in the inside, it does not present any risk of reaction or contamination between the product and the packaging. 

  • This product is typically used around wet areas, while mixing drinks, close to sinks where fruits for the cocktails are prepared, adding ice, in the kitchen and so on. Aluminum does not rust, adding to its benefits.