NIVEA Naturally Good deodorant launches with Salvalco Eco-Valve technology

Written on: December 3, 2021 by SprayTM

Following collaboration with brand owner Beiersdorf, UK-based The Salford Valve Co. Ltd (Salvalco) announced the implementation of its Eco-Valve technology in the NIVEA Naturally Good deodorant range. Nivea is the first global brand to go to market with this environmentally friendly aerosol valve, spearheading this new aerosol technology for the skin care industry, said Salvalco.

Used specifically within the Nivea’s “Eco Deo” product lines, such as the Naturally Good deodorant range, Eco-Valve uses compressed air and inert gases such as nitrogen, offering  the performance and spray quality of traditional valves.

According to Salvalco, the Eco-Valve technology is allowing brands such as Nivea to meet the rise in consumer demand for more sustainable packaging solutions to support a more climate-friendly lifestyle. Helping to also support sustainability objectives, the valve is also compatible for use with more natural formulations, giving brands an opportunity to provide a holistic eco solution for their consumers. With Nivea’s Eco Deo formulation, Beiersdorf is using ingredients of 95% natural origin.

Michael Becker, Head of Global Packaging R&D at Beiersdorf said, “I am very pleased to report that we have made significant progress on our sustainability journey in the past months. We share a vision of a climate-positive future with our partners at Salvalco and are excited to deliver more eco-friendly aerosol products to our consumers.”

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco, added, “Seeing a global, market-leading brand such as Nivea utilising the Eco-Valve technology is an incredibly proud and pivotal moment for the Salvalco business. It is real testament to both the quality and performance of Eco-Valve in providing a remarkably effective and sustainable aerosol solution. We are also very proud of the support and close relationship we have developed with Beiersdorf. Without the intense collaboration this would not have been possible.

“As a business, our ethos has always been about supporting the aerosol industry with the technology of tomorrow, in order to achieve a more environmentally friendly future. We are incredibly proud of the role Eco-Valve is playing in helping brand owners and retailers across the globe achieve their sustainability targets, whilst providing consumers with a greener, yet highly effective aerosol solution,” Shaw concluded.