ACI says Holiday guests DO judge how clean your house is

Written on: December 23, 2021 by SprayTM

That extra bit of tidying up before you welcome holiday guests will be worth it. A new survey released by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) finds that 74% of Americans judge the hosts of holiday gatherings on the cleanliness and tidiness of their homes – at least a little bit.

(Twenty-two percent say they judge others’ cleanliness “a lot”; 52% say they judge “a little.”)

Nearly half of the respondents to the survey – conducted by Ipsos on behalf of ACI – typically spend between three or more hours cleaning before holiday guests arrive. That’s not surprising, given that 48% of those hosting holiday events are either very or somewhat concerned about their guests’ opinions of the cleanliness of their home.

Amid cold and flu season, an increase in travel and gatherings, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic including the emergence of the new Omicron variant, this data comes at a time when health and safety are still top of mind for many. In fact, another survey shows that concern for the health and safety of themselves and others is the number one reason U.S. consumers are avoiding travel this holiday season (Deloitte).

“Sure, everyone wants their home to be clean and tidy. But the most important reason to focus on hygiene and cleanliness is the health and safety of your family and guests,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO. “Proper cleaning and disinfecting play a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs, especially as friends and family gather for the holidays. Smart, targeted hygiene practices demonstrate that cleaning is indeed caring.”

ACI’s latest cleaning survey reveals 89% of U.S. consumers say they’ll frequently wash their hands with soap and water while gathering with friends and family during the holidays, while 79% will use a hand sanitizer and 69% say they’ll disinfect frequently touched surfaces during that time.

ACI offers a wide variety of cleaning and hygiene resources for the holiday season, including:

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