New Poison Ivy Itch Relief Spray from Cutter

Written on: March 30, 2022 by SprayTM

Whether in the backyard, on the trail, at the park, camping, gardening or spending some time outdoors, Cutter has introduced new Poison Ivy Spray Itch Relief for use after suspected exposure to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac.

An accidental brush with one of these menacing plants doesn’t have to ruin one’s day. Cutter Poison Ivy Spray Itch Relief works instantly to relieve the uncomfortable itching associated with poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac exposure. The no-touch, no-mess spray contains a 1% hydrocortisone formula—the maximum strength available without a prescription—to calm inflamed and irritated skin for fast, effective relief on contact. The on-the-go application requires no rubbing or direct contact with skin. The twist cap actuator locks to help prevent leaks and unlocks to spray over affected areas of the skin. Cutter Poison Ivy Spray is filled by American Spraytech.

Companion to the spray are Cutter Poison Ivy Wipes to help remove the poisonous plant oil directly after contact to help prevent rash.