FEA announces winners of Global Aerosol Awards 2022

Written on: September 21, 2022 by SprayTM

Announced on September 21 during FEAerosol2022 Event in Lisbon, Portugal

The FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2022 celebrate the genius, creativity, and technical excellence of the aerosol industry.

Suppliers, fillers, brand owners and retailers were encouraged to present the innovative aerosol products that they
have launched on the market between July 2021 and August 2022.

• Innovative Product
• Packaging Element Design
• Product Design
• Creative Marketing Campaign
• Sustainable Development Achievement


  • Sacha Nissen – Head of Sustainability at AISE
  • Dominique Huret — Freelance journalist in the packaging sectors
  • Bruno Siri – General Director of the French Packaging Council
  • Ava Caridad – Editorial Director of Spray Technology & Marketing magazine
  • Dr. Manel Torres – Director of Fabrican Ltd
  • Nora Schiemann – Regional Technical Manager at IMCD Germany
  • Laurence Joly – Business Development Facilitator at IntPact
  • Alain D’haese – Secretary General of the European Aerosol Federation (FEA)

The Jury Panel of FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2022 has selected the following entries as the winners of the FEA Global
Aerosol Awards 2022:

Category: Innovative Product
Winner: Plastipak – LifeSafe Technologies 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher
This is first plastic aerosol extinguisher on market, which should reshape the fire
extinguisher market.

Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, the non-hazardous fluid uniquely extinguishes
five different types of fire (electrical, textiles, paper/card, cooking oil, petrol/diesel).
The fire extinguishing agent is non-hazardous without negative impact on water and is positive to plant life. The 325mL ergonomic format can be used with a single hand only and is convenient to store. Compact but equivalent to a 2L metal water extinguisher.

The Jury says:
This plastic aerosol extinguisher is the first in this market segment, probably a game
changer. Its size and ergonomics make it handy, easy to use while being immediately recognisable. The non-hazardous
extinguishing agent enables this compact format as well as to extinguish five different fires. This innovative aerosol
product has distinct features compared to traditional fire extinguishers.

Category: Packaging Element Design
Winner: Coster – BOV jar
This new pack consists of a premium plastic jar, a BOV (bag-on-valve) and an ergonomic dispensing actuator for creams. Three technologies combined in one for a unique, new and superior product.

The BOV is crimped inside the plastic jar and a special disc cream dispenser was created to dispense the product. The development presented may challenges, as the crimping, filling method and a BOV size adapted to the jar.

The Jury says:
We love this combination of packaging elements providing a new appealing shape for aerosol dispensers designed for
the under-tapped cosmetic cream segment. Compared to airless, this hygienic and customable BOV design avoids a
vacuum filling and enables a continuous product dispensing.


Category: Product Design
Winner: Kingfisher – Bespoke applicator
This reusable bespoke applicator is a co-development between Kingfisher and  LINDAL Group. The product is a three-part applicator that is sold separately, as a standalone product, making it compatible with a variety of Kingfisher brands and reusable on multiple sealant products. A nozzle is provided on the side of the can which upon use is attached to the top of a high delivery valve on the can. The reusable actuator then easily screws onto that can, making the product ready for use.

This bespoke applicator provides non-professional users with an easy applicator to tackle sealant work at home. Users can then apply new sealants in a wide variety of application scenarios.

The Jury says:
This bespoke applicator offers a reusable solution to consumers challenging their habits. Beyond reducing waste, the bespoke applicator supports brand fidelity across different sealant products while facilitating their application and improving users’ experience.


Category: Creative Marketing Campaign
Winner: Whale Spray – Synctech

Gaming has established itself as a way of life. Last year, three billion people have had contact with a videogame, either through consoles, PCs, smartphones, etc. Of these, roughly 40% are real Gamers. The sector provides advanced technologies and components. Maintenance products must follow the trend.

Whale Spray has developed Synctech, a range of aerosol products specially formulated and designed to clean all computers and
peripherals, offering the maximum guarantee of efficiency and safety. An original series of content has been created to target gamers. The marketing campaign has already had over 1,5 million impressions in the first two months, despite being an unknown brand and a brand-new product.

The Jury says:
We appreciate the identification of this segment with a great potential for aerosol dispensers. We applaud this marketing campaign specifically dedicated to gamers, making generally unpromoted technical aerosol products attractive to young consumers.

Category: Sustainable Development Achievement
Winner: Henkel – Taft Styling Mousses (relaunch)

After more than three years research, intense screening, and test in hair salons and at home, Henkel succeeded to relaunch
–with a strong quantified sustainability impact – its Taft Styling Mousses line thanks to a great step forward in product formulation development, successfully replacing nonbiodegradable purely synthetic film formers with readily biodegradable film former (native or modified potato starch).

The Jury says:
Henkel successfully addressed major technical challenges when replacing synthetic film formers in its hair mousse formulations. This Award to Henkel emphasizes the importance of innovative and sustainable formulation development in the context of our future regulatory and sustainable challenges.

The Jury wants however to highlight the significant sustainable achievements from can makers flagging the following entries: aluminium re:generation can from Ball, tinplate Light Weight Can from Colep Packaging, and aluminium Lightweight PCR aerosol can from Linhardt.