LINDAL hosts grand opening of new Brazil facility

Written on: November 29, 2022 by SprayTM

On Nov. 22, LINDAL welcomed key customers, suppliers and employees to the Grand Opening where a ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by LINDAL’s family shareholders declared the facility as formally open.

The event also saw a speech from LINDAL CEO, FrancoisXavier Gilbert. During his address, he talked the guests through the facility’s new hightech manufacturing and automation systems and showcased timelapse footage of the building’s 370day construction.

The opening event continued with a series of interactive guest tours exploring the technology behind the advanced manufacturing equipment across the facility.

FrancoisXavier said: “Although lockdown restrictions delayed our original grand opening last year, we were very pleased to welcome the mayor, local officials, business partners, members of LINDAL’s executive team and our family shareholders to our new facility in Brazil. We aim to set a new precedent in meeting customer demands, improving sustainability and further establishing our position as aerosol market leader in Brazil.”

The Mayor of Jundiaí, Mr. Luiz Fernando Machado, was present and commented: “I enjoyed joining LINDAL Group today to celebrate the inauguration of its new facility in Jundiaí. The investment collaborates with the actions of the project for the internationalization of the local economy, improves the business environment and generates more job opportunities for people. I wish the LINDAL Group every success for the future.”

Setting new standards
Having originally opened the 30,000 site in September 2021, LINDAL’s €14 million investment encompasses a number of innovative construction features to pave the way for greater flexibility and future capacity expansion. Semipermanent thermos panel walls allow the structure to expand and house up to 250 employees, and the entire floor of the building uses 10T floor resistant concrete to accommodate a variety heavy industrial machinery.

Managing the construction, LINDAL Brazil’s Operations Director, Marcio Vacilotto said: The plant was designed to increase the efficiency of our processes. Since we have been open the plant is delivering on these capabilities and we have the potential to continuously improve.

The new building has also been accredited with an EDGE certificate from Green Business Certification Inc. and is the first industrial building in the whole of Brazil to receive this accreditation. Zero waste generated at the plant is sent to landfill and a series of energy and water saving measures have been incorporated.

Moacir Camargo, Managing Director of LINDAL do Brasil said: “This new site emphasises our commitment to the growing Brazilian aerosol market. We are looking forward to serving our key customers in the region and it is positive that we have the capacity to evolve alongside demand.”

FrancoisXavier adds: “The plant was very much designed with our customers front of mind, and our decision on location was no different. We are just 10km from one of Brazil’s major highways, and in proximity to a main shipping port too. This strategic location means we are very well connected and accessible to all our visitors.”