Trivium honored with three Pack Global Awards, including Rexona aerosol

Written on: February 9, 2023 by SprayTM

Trivium Packaging recently received three Pack Global Awards in two categories. The company received two awards of distinction in the Package Innovation, Sustainable Design category. In the Package Innovation, Technical Design category, Trivium was awarded Best-in-Class for its work on the Rexona Now United Aerosol Antiperspirant; this is the third year in a row that Trivium has won in this category.

Trivium worked with Rexona to develop the aluminum aerosol can that shows off the group members of the pop group Now United. The challenge of this design was to ensure the faces of the group were of the highest quality in printing while maintaining Rexona’s brand imaging, group approval and technical feasibility. Now United is a global pop group formed in Los Angeles that represents nationalities around the world. Exemplifying this diversity, the Rexona antiperspirant cans are bright, colorful and feature the group’s members in full detail by using an eight-color dry-offset technology.

The Rexona aerosol cans are made from Trivium’s lightweight aluminum, making them both easy to produce and infinitely recyclable. Rexona and other companies benefit from using metal packaging by allowing their products to be both environmentally conscious and simple to customize in any way imaginable.

“We always strive to make products that are visually engaging for both our clients and the consumer, while also keeping the production process in mind,” says Marcelo Nery, “so we’re excited to be honored for the third consecutive year in the Package Innovation, Technical Design category. We’re committed to pushing technical design forward while reducing plastic packaging waste.”

Trivium was also recognized in the Package Innovation, Sustainable Design category for its work on Boticario’s Arbo cologne refill packaging. The aluminum refill bottles cut down on packaging waste by being made of 100% recyclable aluminum and reduces Boticario’s carbon footprint. The refill bottles were designed to work with a patented dropper that makes refilling the original cologne bottle mess-free. The properties of the aluminum bottle also safely store its contents, protecting it from oxygen and UV light and extending its shelf life. In the same category, Trivium was recognized for its work on the Ocean 52’s No Plastic Water bottle. The beverage company, which devotes 52% of its benefits to ocean protection, uses Trivium aluminum bottles that are infinitely recyclable.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the PAC Global Awards for our work with sustainable packaging. Our refillable aluminum bottle was specifically designed to fit with Boticario’s original packaging for Arbo, providing them with a product that is both visually cohesive, functionally matched, and environmentally friendly. Likewise, our aluminum beverage bottle was designed to provide beverage brands with an alternative to plastic while maintaining the convenience and portability their consumers desire, being visually appealing, and fully recyclable. With our thoughtfully designed products we aim to inspire the industry to work towards more sustainable packaging designs,” said Trivium’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jenny Wassenaar.

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