French aerosol production jumps 9%

Written on: March 30, 2023 by SprayTM

Growth in Household and Personal Care leads the way…

The number of aerosol products filled in France in 2022 totaled 649.78 million, according to the Comité Français des Aérosols (French Aerosol Committee or CFA). This is an increase of 51.8 million units (8.7%) from 2021, which saw fillings of 598 million. This growth brings production back to 2018 levels (648 million units), noted the CFA.

Aerosol fillings in 2022 marked resumption of activity following the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis that has impacted the industry since 2020. According to CFA, the French aerosol dispenser industry maintains a strong position in Europe (to be specified in the publication of European Aerosol Federation ([FEA] figures in September 2023).

The Personal Care category grew by 43 million units in 2022 (10.6%) growth in the Deodorant & Antiperspirant (13.6%) and Shaving Care (9.5%) segments. On the other hand, Hair Care, with the exception of Dry Shampoos, suffered a decline (-6.7%), CFA reported.

The Household Care category saw the biggest increase (15%) with a strong increase in the Air Freshener (29.5%) and Other Household Products (37%) segments.

The Miscellaneous category saw a slight decrease of 0.3%, with only the Pharma & Veterinary segment seeing growth (1.3%)  

Inhalers are not included in CFA statistics, nor are plastic aerosols, which represent a negligible volume. Results are based on data provided by both members and non-members of the CFA.

Reporting by industry players in France is completely confidential and the CFA Statistics Commission’s discussions are conducted in compliance with this confidentiality, as well as competition rules. Only the consolidated figures by segment, cross-referenced between statements by fillers and component manufacturers, are reviewed by the CFA Statistics Commission.

“I would particularly like to thank the component producers, fillers and marketers, members or non-members of CFA, who have contributed in providing an accurate vision for 2022,” said Jean Blottiere, CFA’s General Delegate.

“Like last year, the feedback was extremely comprehensive and the result allows us to properly assess the weight of our industry in France.”


Personal Care

Personal Care saw an increase of 10.6%, for a total filling of 447.45 million aerosol units in 2022.


Deodorants & Antiperspirants: +13.6% filling volume in 2022

The recovery of AP/Deos compared to 2021 was most certainly linked to the end of the COVID-19 health crisis, which had impacted sales. This segment represents 17% of French filling.


Hair Mousse & Hairspray: -6.7% filling volume in 2022

While this segment grew in 2021, it declined in 2022. It nevertheless represents a significant share, with 21% of total activity in France, said CFA.


Shaving Foams & Shaving Gels: +9.5% filling volume in 2022

This segment had fallen sharply in 2021. In 2022, it returned to a pre-health-crisis level. The Shaving Foams & Shaving Gels segment represents 7% of production activity in France.


Sun Care, Water Sprays, Dry Shampoos, Other: +30.3 filling volume in 2022

This segment represents the bulk of total French production activity (24%). Its growth of +30% in 2022 shows how versatile these sub-segments are and how quickly they are impacted by fashion or weather phenomena.


Household Care

Household Care saw an increase of 15% to 70 million aerosol units filled in 2022.


Insecticides/Plant Protection: -5.1% filling volume in 2022

The drop of 1.5 million units should be put into perspective, as this segment remains at a level of 27 million units. The weather remains impactful (mosquitoes, hornets, etc.), but since 2019, biocide regulations in France seem to have influenced the growth of this segment, which represents 4% of total activity, CFA reported.


Air Fresheners: +29.5% filling volume in 2022

The Air Freshener segment had represented the biggest drop in 2021, but its impressive rebound in 2022 is undoubtedly explained by the need of consumers to purify their interiors. The openings of places intended to welcome the public following the health crisis can also explain the growth of this segment, which represents 4% of total activity.


Others (textile /carpet, furniture polish, leather/shoe care, oven cleaners, bathroom/ kitchen cleaners, other household): +37.3% filling volume in 2022

In 2020, this segment increased by 36% and then fell 4% in 2021. This new growth (the strongest of 2022), which represents more than 4.5 million units, reflects the need of effective products for very specific aerosol applications.



The Miscellaneous segment saw a slight decrease of 0.3%, bringing the total aerosol filling to 132 million units in 2022, representing 20% of all filled volume.


Cars & Motorcycles, Paints & Varnishes, Industrial & Technical: -0.7% filling volume in 2022

This segment, which still represents 15% of total activity, benefited from the resumption of activities in 2021. The constant need for these specific products and their practical and efficient aerosol packaging form contributed to their attractiveness.


Pharmaceutical & Veterinary: +1.3% filling volume in 2022

This segment had been impacted in 2021 as mask-wearing seemed to have reduced the impact of traditional diseases. It stabilized in 2022 and represents 4% of total activity.


Food & Others: -0.6% filling volume in 2022

This segment remained stable in 2022.


Outlook 2023

The CFA believes that disruptions in the supply chain will have repercussions in 2023. Supply lead times, raw material costs and the impact of inflation on purchasing power will also affect the year’s activity.


France 2022Aerosol Fillings (in millions of units)


Category Steel




2021 Total 2022 Total 2022 vs. 2021 in millions of units 2022 vs. 2021 in %
PERSONAL CARE 139.45 308.0 404.49 447.45 43.0 10.6%
Deo & AP 9.16 100.0 96.05 109.16 13.1 13.6%
Hair Mousse & Hair Spray 48.00 91.0 148.91 139.00 -9.9 -6.7%
Shaving Mousse & Shaving Gel 33.29 12.0 41.36 45.29 3.9 9.5%
Sun Protection, Water Spray, Dry Shampoo, Other 49.00 105.0 118.17 154.00 35.8 30.3%
HOUSEHOLD CARE 69.41 1.0 61.22 70.41 9.2 15%
Insecticide & Plant Protection Products 26.87 0 28.32 26.87 -1.5 -5.1%
Air Fresheners 26.85 0 20.74 26.85 6.1 29.5%
Textile & Carpet, Furniture Polish, Oven Cleaner, Bathroom & Kitchen, Leather & Shoe, Other 15.69 1.0 12.16 16.69 4.5 37.3%
MISCELLANEOUS 110.92 21.0 132.29 131.92 -0.4 -0.3%
Cars & Motorcycles (excl. paint), Paint & Varnish, Industrial & Technical 93.39 4.0 98.07 97.39 -0.7 -0.7%
Pharma & Veterinary (excluding inhalers) 13.00 15.0 27.65 28.00 0.4 1.3%
Food, Other 4.53 2.00 6.57 6.53 0 -0.6%
GRAND TOTAL 319.78 330.0 598.00 649.78 51.8 8.7%